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Representing New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific Islands and Asia

We have officially begun support of Yacht Buying, Selling and Chartering in fabulous Dunedin, NZ. This office provides access to New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific Islands and Asia, including mainland and all of Maylasia and Indonesia.


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Robert Washick, YachtEZ’s exclusive local representative in the South Pacific Region, with his vast knowledge of business organization, presentation, and successful business planning and methodology, has come to YachtEZ at the most critical time of our world expansion.  Now in the process of opening our company domain to include the Eastern Southern Hemisphere where he resides, Robert opens the South Pacific to our years of marine experience, vessel construction and delivery process, and overall assurance and ease for our clients to secure charters, any necessary dockage, and ultimate service. YachtEZ will now have full representation in Australia, Tasmania, mainland and coastal full Chinese Pennisula including Thailand, Maylasia, and Indonesia, and the complete South Pacific Rim, operating from our new home base in New Zealand, tying in with our current ongoing sources and vessel network supply in Singapore.  Robert with his keen expertise in computer communication, will have daily briefings with the parent office company in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida.  YachtEZ as a company, just made the world a little more contained and easy to navigate through.  WELCOME aboard Robert and the South Pacific Rim!!

By working with Robert Washick and Mark Gianassi, who has and continues to represent some of the finest European manufacturers, you have access to a staff that can arrange a purchase, sale or a charter of the perfect vessel based on your personal boating requirements on a world scale. The YachtEZ team will assist our clients in maritime living as an ongoing education, and will give you support and knowledge in the industry from the most basic to advanced topics.

For our ongoing import of European vessels, YachtEZ Import has our own federally registered Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) XEZ for USA-compliance for vessel construction registered and approved by the US-Coast Guard; combining the more advanced Italian Classification Society R.I.N.A. standards with A.B.Y.C. accepted codes for building and use in the coastal and interior waterways of the USA, approved for waterways inland and oceans and seas insurable worldwide.

Make your important investment with expert advice and service ensuring your new yacht will suit your needs and give you years of satisfying service and value, and know if you are choosing a vessel, count on Robert, Mark and the incredible team at YachtEZ Import And Export.

We welcome you to join our family of satisfied owners and chartering clients and embark on a voyage of comfort and confidence knowing that you have made a wise choice. We wish you good weather, smooth seas and great yachting!

Contact me today to help add more life to your life!

Cheers Mates!


Robert Washick

New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific Islands and Asia

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