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The 36 Sport Fish is the perfect hybrid model combining the best features of the BLACKWATER Sport and Tournament Edition models.  The Sport Fish offers comfortable forward seating and raised live wells for hard core tournament fishing!  Up to three optional live-wells available in custom fabricating your boat to your needs, along with bolster helm seats with rear facing seat or a leaning post with tackle station.  The Sport Fish is an excellent choice for those looking for creature comforts and serious fishing!  Whether you want to get to the fish faster or cruise to an isolated island with the one you love, BLACKWATER Boats are FAST, Fuel Efficient, & Affordable!  The Sport Fish is available in the various sizes of 36, 39, and 43 foot models making it easy to custom build a center console that will fit perfectly to your boating lifestyle.

36 SF


                                                                                                    LENGTH: 36′                      BEAM: 9’9″

                                                                              WEIGHT: 12,000 lbs       FUEL CAPACITY: 400 + gallons

Hull Deadrise – 24-degrees

                                                                                                MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER:   1200-hp


The BLACKWATER 36SF is in a class of it’s own, it’s the culmination of extensive research and is very much the product of today’s technology.  It combines three important elements – POWER/BEAUTY/… and SOUL.  This BLACKWATER 36SF is the one, true SportFish professional fisherman crave, has all that they consider important to a successful quest and catch, a very fast machine that’s as stable on the water as what they only wish for, providing you the most comfortable and intuitive fishing experience possible.  She is not a light boat, but who wants a crackerbox on the high unpredictable seas when you are 200-miles out?…and what if a moonless night on the return??…..and the weather???…….NOT this horse!!  

BLACKWATER Consoles  are designed to handle a large array of electronics for day and night safety at sea.  The BLACKWATER 36SF is loaded with space for storage and boasts large 200-gal capacity livewell and fully insulated fish box, self-baling cockpit, lockable 12-rod storage, gunnel and CC rodholders, all standard with outrigger option.  This custom boat will give you more enjoyment with less hassles, fewer problems to fix and more time to do what an angler wants to do and why she is the choice for purchase… more time to do what you like to do best and most…. fishing.

Constructed from the finest grade materials available, from bow to stern, BLACKWATER Boats are balanced and efficient to provide a better ride and increased speed over any other conventional straight bottom hull.  Luxury, Elegance, and Functionality, are its bare assets, but do not be fooled by her beauty, like any woman, inside is a raging beast capable of outperforming anything in her class in speed, range, and maneuverability.  This fishing yacht prides herself in her craftsmanship from the onset, she is a proud marine machine that stands alone in the stable of center console fisherman.  BLACKWATER Boats commitment to details provides the strongest, yet lightest boat possible, but strength does not come from slight laminating, NO… handlaid cross long sheet solid fiberglass does not make for a crackerbox, but rather a boat that when needed, commands the currents and swells in any weather, enough so that home port is always in her sights.  When on a BLACKWATER 36SF, that distant landless horizon line seems like your next door neighbor.


Home FREE, catch in hand, no better feeling…. PRIDE and the BLACKWATER 36SF… SAFETY & STRENGTH FIRST!                                                      There you have it…. simple equation ……..what’s it going to be for you?