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YachtEZ Import LLC-Domestic, and YachtEZ Import And Export LLC-International, want to make available to our clients the best of insurance guidance possible in the purchase, financing, delivery, and ongoing insurance umbrella for safety and security in your boat, home, marina, and/or dock investment.

With all the challenges facing organizations and families today, no one has time to become an insurance expert. Instead, you need an experienced team who can analyze the various options open to you – both insurance and non-insurance options – and suggest the best alternatives for your needs. Now with the recommendation of YachtEZ, you’re in a position to make a knowledge-based decision.

It is for that reason for our clients financial security and safeguard that we at YachtEZ Import LLC-Domestic, refer to our clients the unequivocally professional expertise of TOTAL DOLLAR Insurance, and the local agent Buzz Fyhrie:

Total Dollar Insurance


Buzz Fyhrie
Chief Account Executive
Phone: 954-583-5558 Ext: 1

Total Dollar Management of Florida

C/C, HP, Boat & Yacht Insurance

NEW office now at The Yacht Management Marina (ex-New River Marina)

3001 West State Road 84 (“Marina Mile”) 2nd Floor

Ft Lauderdale, FL  33312-2307

Toll Free # 1-888-327-8467

Phone # 1-954-583-5558

Fax # 1-954-583-8556



World Marine Underwriters, Inc.

Marine, Aviation, Commercial & Private Client Risks, 3001 West SR 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 

Phone: 954-761-8500 x 4, Fax: 954-728-9779


After being in the marine business locally for over 25-years, YachtEZ has tested the water so so speak locally as well as international, and know who and what business to recommend.  It is a very true statement to say, since the marine business is a very small arena, those that are here in the boat capital of the planet in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, have to be good to make it, and stay in business, and are here to stay.  
Such is the case with Buzz Fyhrie, a tried and true business professional trusted by YachtEZ and our clients, a solid presence in the marine insurance business, to take care of his clients first and foremost.  You and your boat are in safe harbor with TOTAL DOLLAR Insurance, and Buzz Fyhrie as your agent in charge, sitting next to you at the helm so to speak.

For vessels out of the USA territorial waters, please contact our office or the office of TOTAL DOLLAR for a quote on upgrading your insurance premium for where they are located or home port, or for any vessels we at YachtEZ is importing or exporting, we will be more than happy to accommodate all parameters of your boat’s necessary insurance policies and guidelines.

Since through our own owner’s policies we have direct contact with the TOTAL DOLLAR Insurance main and local offices, please fill in the necessary information below for any request to get a quote for a new, upgrade or to add to an existing vessel policy, please submit  form and we will forward to their office for prompt attention, or please contact direct at the listed contact information.

We at YachtEZ put you and your marine requirements first, and you will only get the best from us FIRST time and complete.


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