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YachtEZ Import and Export LLC

Located inside the Sheltair Executive Jet Center
1100 Lee Wagener Boulevard, suite 100

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
(954) 767 8855


For fastest service for quote and availability, please fill out
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MarkMark Gianassi
America’s Regional Director
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By education, Mark Gianassi is an Associate Professor of Art and Design from the University of California, Berkeley. He was born and raised on the San Francisco Bay and the rugged Pacific Ocean before coming to South Florida in 1976. As his lengthy resume will demonstrate, he began a working odyssey of the Caribbean and South America at the early stages of his migration, and has represented some of the most prestigious yacht manufacturers of Europe and their contracted marketing agents in the south Florida area.


ConnieConnie Nelson
Media Director

Joining the staff of YachtEZ Import Inc. permanently as the Pacific West Coast office in Newport Beach, CA, is Texas beauty Ms. Connie Nelson, formerly Mrs. Willie Nelson, lending her many talents to YachtEZ Import as Company Spokesperson, Media Director, and Design Consultant for new and refit yachts. Connie’s Southern charm, sky-blue eyes, and captivating smile will undoubtedly bring a little Texas-flair to the boat show circuit.


Gibo2Gilbert (Gibo) Castillo
North America Western Division

If you are lucky enough to know Gibo past one day, then you truly have trust as part of who you are and what you do? Gibo has been a staunch confidant and trusted ally to the Captain and Crew of YachtEZ Import for more than 35-years, and is known as a strict businessman who truly makes a company into a family; with successful business credits stemming from large commercial property and marina development to the simplicity of hand’s on mechanical “getting-your-hands-dirty-on-the-job” application. There is no job too big or too far away for Gibo … and if he can’t get someone to fix it, he’ll fix it himself.

leo salazar

Leo A Salazar
Central (South of Mexico) and South America
Email Leo

305 218 2841

Leo Salazar is the Sales Director for everything “South-Of-The-Border,” assisting our Western US and Mexican Regional Director Mr. Castillo, and everything south of Mexico is exclusively in the hands of Leo. He for many years has been a trusted and staunch supporter of YachtEZ Import And Export’s international presence in Central and South America for sales, territory supervision, and overall company manufacturing quality control.  Leo is the “police” of the company and makes sure all are doing their job without complaint or slow pace, Leo gets the job done the right way… and when we say “…gets the job done”, that is an understatement.  Fluent in Spanish and English, Leo is the one to contact for straight talk and efficiency for all exports to South And Central Americas.

Robert Baranowski
YachtEZ Service Manager & Maintenance Director

ROBERT’S MARINE SERVICE 5816 Plunkett Stree Hollywood, FL 33023 Tel:+1(954) 962 0390 / Mob:+(954) 257 4461
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Robert Baranowski is Floridian … since birth he has had nothing but surf, sand, balmy breezes, palms, sun, water and boats to make a future on … his in depth knowledge of boating life is next to none, and his long standing clients will testify to his excellence. His engine and mechanical expertise stems from the demanding 1980’s “Thunder-Alley” race teams that made that era of the Cigarette-Boats, the only South Florida commodity during that time as recognized as the weather. Robert’s team of Service Technicians is YachtEZ ‘s choice for complete maintenance and dockside service to our clients.

John Giles
North Gulf, including Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas

Global Ships & Yachts LLC ~ Southeast Region
Ph +954.609.6940
Fax +954.584.6050
Email John
Global Ships & Yachts, LLC is a Florida based yacht Brokerage with offices based on the West Coast of Florida and Eastern Europe, specializing in the sale of new and used vessels. Brokerage operations are headed by John N. Giles who has over 25 years experience in the yachting industry, including 10 years’ of experience in the sale and liquidation of marine assets for marine financial institutions.  Having founded and acting lead Licensed Auctioneer, YACHTIONEER.COM.


Richard Osburn
YachtEZ Import And Export LLC
Email Richard Osburn
His Inventory

Ph +754.422.9181
Fax +954.337.3883

Capt. Richard Osburn, longstanding Florida resident, Yacht Designer, Captain, because of this extensive knowledge of boat’s design and their construction, is obviously beyond exemplary in New Boat and Brokerage Sales.  Richard, a trusted ally and sales associate to YACHTEZ nearly since our company was formed last century, has now joined us permanently as our company wide Director of Company Operations and Training.  Our work together totaling over 15-years of company collaboration from our time together at Marina Bay Yacht Club, from 2003. Capt. Richard in his career has further expanded upon some of the most recognized Far Eastern Imports, to the design and now nearing production of his on own custom SportFish line.  If you are looking for a boat, there is no vessel too large or too small that he cannot command and/or buy & sell, most of all fix anything that need be done on any boat. Now licensed and bonded for Vessel Sales under YachtEZ, let him assist you in finding what you want, where you want, and what is best suited for your needs.  The best thing about Richard, is if you are not presently in the market for a boat or your current boat’s retrofit, then saddle up with him for some “refreshments” at our local watering hole, a time you will write home about for sure, talking over his knowledge of local waters which is by far, next to none.

Michelangelo Mozzicato
South Gulf Region

YachtEZ Import & Export – BROKERAGE Department                                                                                                                          Email Michelangelo
His Inventory
Direct Phone: +954 415 1657
                                                                                                                                                                                    Michelangelo Mozzicato is a longstanding Restaurant and Culinary Entrepreneur from Fort Lauderdale, who literally knows everyone in the boat business from his ever popular restaurants and who has been a trusted ally and sales associate to YACHTEZ since our company infancy.  Our work together over many years of company collaboration with ANTHONY’s COAL FIRED PIZZA Group that he founded, and now ANDY’S BAR AND GRILL of Fort Lauderdale, has taken our business collaboration to some of the farthest reaching Caribbean island nations to Central and South America for client recommendations and sales that flow from Michelangelo like water from a fountain.  His restaurant clientele merges with his boating experience and associations in the boat business. If you are looking for a boat, he is a licensed and bonded Florida Yacht Salesman for YachtEZ Import And Export’s New and Brokerage Divisions, let him and his crew assist you in finding the best deal on the market.  One thing we can say for sure, if you’re not presently looking for a boat, our advice is to hook up with him for some good local conversation, fishing, and some damn good food that you will write home about. Michelangelo’s knowledge of local happenings and places, the best locations for fun in the sun in South Florida and local fishing waters between him and his culinary associates, will quickly set center stage at any gathering.


Devlin Gleason
Florida Atlantic Treasure Coast and Great Lakes

A trusted ally, friend, and confidant of YachtEZ Captain and crew for more years than need be put in writing.

Devlin Gleason is a native of the seasonal chilly North Country Fare, is more SEA-SAVVY than Captain Ahab on a world scale, and can see clearly on the water anywhere what is only thought to be coming.  We at YachtEZ think he invented “Margaritaville,” but that is from personal experience.

If you are lucky enough to get him to help you, then we trust you will think that you are already calm in a cool breeze at the helm in a setting sun and a following sea.  Devlin is our exclusive regional representative for the Great Lakes of the North that can be rough with spinning currents at times, and the Treasure Coast of Central Florida, that can be so quiet and calm at dawn like a smooth lake facing the Atlantic looking east…. chance of storm “a-brewin’. ”

Kind of like the Devlin we know, so please feel free to ask him any question, and trust any answer.  Devlin is an accomplished captain, and can assist with any captain services necessary for training or for delivery.  If you have a boat or are wishing to get a boat in those regions, contact Devlin directly for assistance in sales, charter, or simply servicing, he is one stop shopping.

VincentVincent Schimmenti
North Atlantic and New England
New York Yacht Sales, Inc ~ Northeast Region

New York Yacht Sales (NYYS) was established on January 1st, 2000 and is owned and operated by Vincent Schimmenti, a licensed and bonded yacht broker in the state of Florida. Schimmenti’s background has mostly been in European vessel manufacturing … the cutting edge of design and performance, and his input into YachtEZ Import’s stable of boats will be an integral ingredient to the success of our marketing plan in the Northeastern Region. NYYS’s goal in collaboration with YachtEZ Import is to bring to the New England area a truly international new and brokerage yacht marketing firm with contact sources in Florida, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

captain grahamCaptain Graham Barnes
Company Captain and Diver
+954 383 3584
Email Graham

Born in Yorkshire, England, emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa as a 10 year old, grew up on the water ever since, now national and international captain for charter, sea-trial, navy diving, or for just some offshore fun on the water to all clients, owners, and guests of YachtEZ Import And Export.  Captain Graham is a 200-ton commercially endorsed YachtMaster, experienced Deep Diver EOD [Explosive Ordinance Disposal], diving for 5-years as a South African trained navy diver, assisting US and British forces and operations worldwide. Needless to say, he has experience next to none.  Captain Graham Barnes is known to the Captain and Crew of YachtEZ and his clients and charter employers as the ‘GOOD CAPTAIN” and it is easy to see where he got his reputation from his client and vessel owner testimonies.  Graham is a natural on the sea, in perfect control, in perfect execution of his duty to protect his passengers first, his ship foremost, and always to provide a calming sail regardless of sea conditions, always in command. Go on a charter, sea-trial, or simply an offshore excursion with the “GOOD CAPTAIN,” and you will know what the sea is like and to be experienced, from a true professional, guaranteed to have a good time.


Robert Washick

New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific Islands and Asia
+407 497 3800
Email Robert Washick

Robert Washick, YachtEZ’s exclusive local representative for Central Florida, with home base in Orlando, just returning from opening the South Pacific Region in New Zealand.  With his vast knowledge of business organization, presentation, and successful business planning and methodology, has come to YachtEZ at the most critical time of our world expansion. Robert is consolidating his recent homecoming efforts on expanding our market share to the Florida interior lakes and waterways for flats boat fishing and recreational boating, having just recently returned from opening the Eastern Southern Hemisphere.  Robert opened the South Pacific to our years of marine experience, vessel construction and delivery process, and overall assurance and ease for our clients to secure charters, any necessary dockage, and ultimate service. YachtEZ now has full representation in Australia, Tasmania, Maylasia and Indonesia, and the complete South Pacific Rim, tying in with our current ongoing sources and vessel network supply in Singapore.  Now since his timely return, Robert is in the process of further targeting our company domestic domain to include the interior waterways and lakes in Central, Gulf  and Atlantic Shores Region, particularly Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades marshlands,   Robert with his keen expertise in computer communication having constructed our YachtEZ site, will have daily briefings with the parent office company in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida.  YachtEZ as a company, just made the world a little more contained and easy to navigate through.  WELCOME aboard Robert back home to Central Florida!!


Michael A. Moulis


On Monday, April 6, 2020, Michael A. Moulis, Esq. of Ft. Lauderdale passed away at the age of 61. Mike was born on December 28, 1958 in Fort Benning, Georgia to Colonel Wallace James and Patricia (Griffin) Moulis. He received his law degree from Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in 1986, and he practiced aviation law for 12 years as a solo practitioner in Ft. Lauderdale. Prior to his solo practice, he served as a prosecutor with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington D.C. He was a 1982 graduate of Louisiana State University where he was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and a 1977 graduate of Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia. Mike loved his family and friends, Louisiana, Cajun food, Mardi Gras, deep sea fishing, arguing his cases, fine suits, his Rolex watch, and women, not necessarily in that order. His love for sports (Geaux Tigers!) just barely edged out his love for sports betting; he’d gamble on a Little League game if he were in the stands. He was generous and kind, and a fierce friend to so many people. He will be remembered for his boisterous storytelling, larger-than-life personality, and hysterical hijinks. Every “jabip,” “knucklehead,” and “playa” that knew Mike has an unbelievable tale to tell of their friendship, and it’s probably a true story. Mike was larger than life, we at YachtEZ will miss him to no end, his guidance and friendship to Mark Gianassi is part of what made this company what it is, there will never be another to fill his shoes.  Mike is survived by his mother, his daughter Brianna Klein, his sisters Mary Jane (Moulis) Bredemus, Stephanie (Moulis) Spees, and his brother John Moulis. He is also survived by many cousins, nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews. He was preceded in death by his father, his brother Wallace James “Jim” Moulis, Jr., his sister Jean (Moulis) Hollier, and his nephew David Moulis. A memorial service will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on a later date.


Since our formation as a company, Michael Moulis and his law firm have always been a positive ally whether in the background or on stage defending our interests, his influence on YachtEZ as a company guaranteeing our ethical source of information in the supply of vessels national and international where his law expertise and advice is beyond reproach.

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