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YachtEZ Group, hereafter referred to as COMPANY, will act as a factory/shipyard Warranty After-Sale-Agent representing owner in agreement with any represented boat builder, component, electronic, or engine manfuacturer where COMPANY will assume buyer/owner responsibility as his or her Agent of Sale for any new or brokerage vessel, retrofit contract, where we build, remodel, or install new components, and deliver finished vessel construction to any given owner national or international.  We also will warranty any construction or brokerage vessel where we install new options, components, or retrofit designs, with manufacturer limited warranty.


In short, we warranty what we build, in accordance with any manufacturer limited warranty in place.


Since we are not an authorized shipyard representative, we will uphold owner’s and shipyard’s rights for delivered vessels to assure them that there is enforceable representation beyond shipyard delivery; we will act on behalf of shipyard and secure owner’s position enforcing the factory or shipyard “New-Vessel” written warranty on all received product as a direct factory/shipyard agent of sale and representative.


If a Brokerage, Pre-Loved Vessel, COMPANY will act as direct representative for owner to intercede in any conflict of item repair or replacement due to manufacturer error or malfunction, covered under any Manufacturer’s limited warranty. 


NOTE:  Since COMPANY acts as not only a  new boat manufacturer representative for sales and service, but also is a sales and marketing force for PRE-LOVED/ brokerage vessels as well.  We are a licensed and bonded New or Pre-Loved vessel sales and marketing company. COMPANY will give the same attention to any newly installed warrantable product, inclusive of all items with manufacturer’s factory installed new product warranty for new and retrofit vessels.  COMPANY will give full attention for the same rules across the board for all warranty validation and enforcement as listed below and contained herein.  We pledge this to all owners where we can make a difference, and we will.  For our owners New or Pre-Loved vessels, we pledge the following:


  1. Any given problem must be reported within 24-hours of discovery to minimize damage and initiate damage control regardless of where vessel is located.  Said location must be fully disclosed with complete circumstances of incident if any to describe vessel conditions and occurrence details for claim verification and item repair or replacement preparation.
  2. Any given report must be accompanied by photographs and certified description of occurrence signed by vessel authorized personnel such as Owner and/or verified Owner’s Captain, or on board Crew.
  3. As an international marketing company with registered offices nationally and internationally, we fully guarantee our position for shipyard warranty service where we have a representation agreement and the right to contract, build, sell, and deliver any boat anywhere in the world.  With shipyard authority where shipyard agrees to supply vessel to COMPANY for delivery or to acknowledge COMPANY as their representative to owner and to act on their behalf, we will act accordingly for all owners for their assurance, safety, and security.  Payment agreement with given shipyard is no later than a 30-day turn around payment on claims for any repair or exchange of defective component installed on subject vessel.  
  4. As part of this Pledge, COMPANY guarantees a response time of 24-hours to acknowledge claim and to schedule response.


FOR NEW BOAT OWNERS WITH MANUFACTURER’S NEW BOAT WARRANTY [please see YachtEZ WARRNTY page for complete definition and requirements as agreed to and in association with shipyard ( )] :

  • Representing manufacturers with a full blanket warranty as defined in subject vessel or component owner’s manual.
  • OWNER PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT: To establish an ONGOING BANK account where COMPANY will take 3%-5% depending on size of vessel of our own profit margin from new boat sales ONLY and since it is our own company money from COMPANY purchase percentage commission, will establish an interest baring savings account to pay any service technician required to cure any repair or installed product replacement.  
  • Since most repair facilities shy away from warranty with the delayed payment by manufacturers of any defined warranty repair, we will immediately pay technicians at job completion so that there is no wait or minimal down time for owner waiting for repairs to his vessel.  Since there is a 30-day shipyard obligation to pay for repairs under manufacturer’s’ warranty, we take from the savings account associated with that HIN only and pay tech’s upon completion of repair.  When shipyard pays the outstanding invoice balance under their warranty guideline, only the same HIN account is replenished with the funds to keep account fluid and prepared for next use.  At end of warranty period, account will be closed and full account balance is COMPANY funds and can and will be dispersed to company assets unless an extended company warranty is agreed upon between Owner and COMPANY.   BE ADVISED – This is an AFTER-MARKET AGREEMENT, Shipyard has no responsibility in this as set forth and defined by COMPANY solely.  This full agreement as defined by COMPANY is between COMPANY and Owner SOLELY.  Shipyard has no liability in said After-Market Agreement.
  • Extended vessel warranty can be purchased by Owner by and through COMPANY and a separate contract between parties will be filed and binding to Owner and COMPANY SOLELY.
  • Preventative maintenance programs for vessels are available and can be implemented upon Owner request.
  • COMPANY will guarantee a 24-HOUR response time to acknowledge owner report and will schedule tech for service. 



  • Since we are a cuteom vessel manufacturing company, we have from OEM and WHOLESALE supply access to factory service technicians, parts, and custom feature manufacturing that will have our own warranty for owners who contract our services.  Said custom product warranty based on our written guarantee signed by all concerned parties prior to beginning fabrication.  RESPONSIBILITY of custom items is just that, CUSTOM, and we will design and fabricate to the best of our ability to the agreed upon design conception, but custom work is just that, custom. and our liability and warranty responsibility is limited to the degree as agreed upon in writing BY ALL CONCERNED PARTIES prior to beginning construction or installation.
  • Any installed component on any retrofit or modification will have a new product  warranty and that will be enforced to the degree intended by manufacturer so as to be in partnership with owner.
  • Since manufacturers warranty is localized to the laws of the delivery country, COMPANY will install all new components based on where vessel is intended for delivery and registration.  [EG: New component manufacturers warranty is one[1] year in Americas and two[2] years in Europe]], so those parameters of installation and delivery will be the responsibility of COMPANY to choose and install the right new component for region of delivery.
  • Extended vessel warranty can be purchased by Owner by and through COMPANY and a separate contract between parties will be filed and binding to Owner and COMPANY SOLELY.
  • Preventative maintenance programs for vessels are available and can be implemented upon Owner request.
  • COMPANY will guarantee a 24-HOUR response time to acknowledge owner report and will schedule tech for service as soon as possible following report. 

As is our policy, the right thing to do for an owner is what we champion and will partner with our owners from and through installation or custom construction, retrofit from beginning to delivery, preventative maintenance programs for new and PreLoved vessels where we can assist our owners every step of the way.  Understand, that ownership is not singular with our family of owners, but a partnership that guides and secures the dreams of exploring the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and inland waterways of our beautiful and challenging world.




As we always tell our new, prospective, and now family of owners, we put what we do in writing and supply all references past and present from experiences as boaters ourselves and in our own boat building career as a company and myself as your broker to put our deeds where our mouths are.  Full disclosure is of course company policy, and this “Owner-Care-Program” is our pledge to our as noted, family of owners.


Mark Gianassi

Managing Director/Broker Of Record

YachtEZ Import LLC – Domestic

YachtEZ Import And Export LLC – International