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Cantieri CRANCHI S.p.A. started building boats in 1870, cars hadn’t even been invented yet, so you could say they were a little ahead of the game.
  The yard was small and little known, the early boats built from the natural surrounding timber at the base of the Alps, but the young family run business, more than made up for it in hard work and determination.


And, to this day, the still family run business has maintained its unique presence in the face of the larger Italian Shipyards.  CRANCHI may be one of many recognized Italian shipyards, but none with the nature and stubborn reality of the generations of wisdom gained from those humble beginnings in 1870.  The hierarchy of the CRANCHI direct father-to-son lineage transfer of power and boat building knowledge, has kept this innovative yard growing and prospering against all odds. From generation to generation, incorporating the experience gained from those 147-years of trial and success… failure in this family is not an option.

As with any new business even in the 1800’s, the flow of problems to overcome seemed never-ending, but the young shipyard got through two World Wars, survived the ebbs and floods of changing economic tides and transitional government meddling, and came out the other side stronger and larger.

Now they make yachts that are highly valued around the world, the CRANCHI name synonymous with advanced Italian boatbuilding and unparalleled marine technology.

But there’s more to our story than just a family business that began small and worked its way to the top. Our starting point, unusually, was the bottom. Literally.

The Company

“Getting to the top by starting
at the bottom.”


Everything we have achieved is thanks to the time we spend under the water, literally physically under the water – observing, analyzing, testing – understanding how to make the most efficient, reliable, high-performance hulls that assure your safety. It’s the only way CRANCHI knows how to work, hand’s on, knowing knowledge is power.

So the yard succeeded by focusing their attention on everything that happens beneath the surface. Even today, the CRANCHI yard will still get more excited about the speed of a current than dramatic sunsets or breathtaking beaches.

It’s what we do best. And they intend to keep doing it for years to come, a shipyard does not gain distinction against overwhelming odds, over a course of 147-years, overcoming every obstacle…. without doing it right.

We love our CRANCHI company standard, and what we think and say to ourselves everyday:

The Human Touch

From the day we opened our doors, people have always been vital to us.

You can see it everywhere. It’s in the people who can recognise one of our boats with their eyes shut, simply by running a hand over the hull, the deckhouse, or a subtle detail.

And in the people who have grown as they have helped us to grow. Even now, when parts of the building process require sophisticated technology and automated construction techniques, these people have remained.

They are the company’s heart and soul, our compass, keeping us on course since 1870.

Our Values

Every shipyard has a philosophy. Ours is simple yet very complex.

Simple because we want to ensure that your time at sea is plain sailing and problem-free.  QUALITY

And complex because goal that demands a continual investment in new ideas, new resources and new models.  INTEGRITY

And that’s not all. Everything that emerges from this process is designed and tested to withstand stresses way beyond its normal limits.  ENDURANCE

Why? Because what matters most is not the dry technicalities but the soul of the boat that is with you, knot after knot.  SATISFACTION

 Those values are in total:



Trawler [Navetta]: The boat for true sailors who love to feel at one with the sea and with themselves.



Flybridge Evolution: Freedom is a look without limits. Better yet if you are navigating the sea.  Full specifications with photos, please click on the links below for the different models




              HARD TOP MODELS:                    

Hard Top Where space is not limited by technology.




     CRUISER: Beauty without compromises. Technology with a heart Z35.

From beginning in 1870 to our modern day 2017, the Cranchi Family still with full  ownership strives for excellence in the field of dreams that is the boating world on a global frame; so we with our extended compliments to our owners, clients, and future owners, we present CANTIERE NAUTICA CRANCHI 2017!!


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