The proven layout offers you everything you need. From the master cabin to the galley, all is designed with an eye for ergonomics, so that we are certain that it makes you feel comfortable and at home away from home.

    VDH1600GALLEYOpening the French doors from the main salon to the open cockpit creates a large and comfortable crossover space when the weather allows it. The Exclusive Deluxe is very much fit for all seasons sailing. 

  • Featuring luxurious French doors completely opening to the horizon for fresh tropical air, uninterrupted vista views, and romance under the moon and stars…. Heaven on earth.


 The aluminum and/or steel construction for a yacht this size is a quality that is a specialty of the Dutch VDH Shipyard, and when you are 200-miles offshore, it is a relief to feel that strength and agility in any sea condition.  A “Class-A” boat which is all VDH vessels are rated 200+ miles offshore, and that assurance is one that you cannot trade for anything when you find yourself there in an awkward position with current and winds that may or may not be as inviting as they could be.  A lessor boat could and would be a safety concern that with the strength and design of a VDH, is not a thought.  Coming home is a good feeling at sea, no other thought is more important, so for the cost of a ship design with stainless steel hardware and railings, solid teak plank decking, powered amply by diesels made to order for her size and weight, as is a VDH model, at that point nothing else matters.  A wise choice, and a job well done, in creating her your own way.  The VDH Exclusive Deluxe Series, and this example of the VDH 1600 EDS, is a tried and proven ship of exceptional quality and design.