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YachtEZ Import and Export LLC
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YACHTEZ GROUP South Florida USA Office Located in UCM-Inc.


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MOB: +954.993.7931

The most complete  Service company for AIR & MARINE industries supply in South Florida.  For more detailed information, please hit photos for link to individual pages.  For fastest service for quote and availability.  Please fill out the inquiry form below and include air or marine information requested, from services in retrofit service or parts needed, with contact information, and someone from our staff will promptly respond.

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Welcome to YachtEZ Group,

Post-Pandemic, YachtEZ Group moves forward with our growing international client base to further our influence on a world scale.  Our jet charter services expanding as of 2020, YachtEZ Group moves into the Private Aviation sector  for scheduled embarkation from national and international origination and destination.  Where in association with Mr. Pedro Curbello, RM ( ), PEDRO CURBELO Inc. for lease, sale, and/or finance Aircraft & Hanger storage.  YachtEZ announces new services for YachtEZ Air-Charter and Cargo, as described in our disclosure page linked to photo above. the above photo link transfers to our information page.

The Airbus EC145 – Mercedes-Benz Styled Helicopter | Life Beyond Sport

AIRBUS—or rather ACH, the aerospace giant’s relatively new dedicated corporate and personal helicopter brand, IS a tried and true example of the foremost personal air transportation in the world. 

YachtEZ Group also announces new massive vessel storage facility for new and brokerage marine vessels and small private aircraft at Fort Lauderdale International Airport;FLL]. Palm Beach International Airport [PCH]. Opa Locka and Pompano Private Airports.  For trailable vessels, now offering this safe and very secure site for our clients peace of mind in a Category 5 protected warehouse at Unique Custom Marine Vault, 2044 NW 25th Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069.  

We at YachtEZ Group is proud to announce the first of FOUR(4) new additions to our office’s new and brokerage divisions personnel domestic and international. YachtEZ Group having originally opened our doors and docks in 1999 in Fort Lauderdale, are proud to announce these new additions to an already existing 20+-year old new and brokerage air and boat marketing and sales company.  Constantly going into and looking for that added personal service, expanding as of 2020 YachtEZ Group moves into private aircraft large and small sales and charter, with unprecedented national and international cargo shipping,  sub-leasing hanger storage with airport hanger use access.  We are proud to be working closely with Pedro Curbelo, Inc for sales of prop planes, small jets, and helicopters, from his home office in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA.

2012 Eurocopter EC145 for sale


Four[4] more additional office locations for YachtEZ Group is now in place up and running for national and international representation, deliveries, storage, and servicing capabilities. With access to new and pre-owned AIRBUS controlled EUROCOPTER and PARAMOUNT BUSINESS JETS, for aviation order, charter, and maintenance, YachtEZ Brpup expansion is up and running.  Please use this link for the attached contact information sheet with direct access to their offices and personal aviation charter service. 

Starting humbly with Employing Broker Mark Gianassi and Aviation Attorney. the late Michael Moulis, at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport [FLL] since 2003, we are proud to have grown into an international aviation and marine vessel marketing company with private jet purchases, sales, and charter expansion by and through PEDRO CURBELLO Inc. 

With access from our European  Offices to such notable aviation manufacturers as EUROCOPTER, a division of AIRBUS and PARAMOUNT BUSINESS JETS. for charter. YachtEZ Group is able to expand our business to a unification of the marine and aviation industries, as seen in the contrucction of megayachts with helicopter “Touch-and-Go” construction. Being in concert with Mark Gianassi marine and aviation vessel sales with domestic and international charter management both public and private, by and thru the Law Office of the late Michael A, Moulis, Aviation Attorney, and currently by and now thru Pedro Curbello of Pedro Curbello Inc., offering the most capable management handling for, sales, and delivery shipping for air and marine vessels anywhere.  As described herein with charter, and sales from 4-domestic and 3- international office locations on a world scale via our multi-continental business plan, YachtEZ Group is as our reputation dictates… a one stop shop, 

As per our standards of excellence, as noted, for charter services we only offer private military trained licensed piloting and, professionally commercial aviation FAA trained and certified onboard private flight attendants for client comfort and passenger safety  Please enquire online or by contacting our main domestic office at the UCM , 2044 NW 25th Avenue], Pompano Beach 33069, USA, by email or phone, including all contact information for prompt response.  All shared information is private and shielded from any public access or use.

Now in full partnership with PEDRO CURBELLO RM ( ( ), DBA Business Liability Pros,  offering Aviation consulting, sales, management, accounting, insurance, and financing.  As described herein, offering unparalled service with charter and sales from 4-domestic and 3-international office locations on a world scale via our multi-continental business enterprise.  Mr. Cabello specializing in purchasing, but not limited to, with inhouse access for INSURANCE & FINANCING, as our loan department and insurance carrier for yachts/boats, planes, real-estate private and commercial, and exotic cars.  Nothing too small, nothing too large for PEDRO CURBELLO RM, all written in-house backed by Lloyds Of London. managed from office at Sheltair Private Jet  Terminal, 1100 Lee Wagener Blvd, ste 314, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315, USA. 

Under the guidance of Mark Gianassi’s richly profound years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and hands-on construction management over onsite product development, and the legal expertise of the Law Offices of the late Michael A. Moulis. YachtEZ has gained the respect of some of the most widely successful domestic and international aviation manufacturers and yacht shipyards the world over.  Our access to such profound aviation giants as BOEING and LEAR, BOMBARDIER, CESSNA, GULFSTREAM, and PIAGGGIO, for purchase or charter, and marine shipyards of world prominence as BENETTI and AZIMUT, we are a one-stop-shop for all venues of the aviation and marine industries requests and information, including repair and all necessary gear.  This opportunity makes a union that gives YachtEZ Group with PEDRO CURBELLO Inc., located at SHELTAIR AVIATION, Fort Lauderdale, with EUROCOPTER and PARAMOUNT BUSINESS JET Aviation contact sources, offering  that profound edge that is and has been the necessary business acumen cog in filling the missing link to not only excel in the National  and International Aviation and Marine Industry dominance tangent…. but lead.

Specializing in the availability for charger and sale of some of the most distinguished yachts afloat with the added client priveledge of custom Helicopter “touch-and-go-landing facIiity on deck, or the more permanent engineered landing pad and ocean going storage for the transport of a personal helicopter pad we custom design for clients and sell the engineering construction diagrams per each individual vessel new construction project.


(238’2″/72.6m’)- TURQUOIOSE YACHTS – 2012 


YachtEZ Group offering the ultimate luxury travel commodity in the world today, adding air and sea transport together by building yachts with helipads and for sale, the utility helicopter that fulfils that ingredient cog in the wheel of immediate availability of yachting pleasure boating and being able to respond to business in a short helicopter ride to the closest jet airport for international travel and connections.

Now adding to our repertoire of available venues come the addition of charter jets, prop, and helicopter availability.  Not only do we design, build, and deliver yachts of distinction and custom commercially approved jets and helicopters, but literally take to the air ourselves with charter and retrofit of jet planes and helicopters, acquiring company contracted for sale and charter:

Now offering private air charters across the North American, Central American, and South American continental venues, Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East, including Australian and surrounding South Pacific island nations, by private contract with our commercial trained pilots, flight attendants, and aircraft.  Not only do we charter and offer for direct sale, but we design the yacht from construction to delivery for helicopter landing, storage, and use, making for the ultimate in client/owner professional and personal experience convenience for movement in business and/or pleasure.



The second announcement now being made public for 2021, is the re-awakening of our European Central Nervous System in the UK, YachtEZ Import And Export LTD. Our European vessel import supply and export opportunity company has now moved from Central London to the West Midlands, under the guidance of the yacht industry impresario Alfred “Alf” Agius, a maritime marketing genius so responsible for some of the now commonplace everyday spoken UK Vessel Manufacturing lines we take for common place outside the UK. 

After Alf’s introduction to the UK export of such shipyards of  distinction as SEALINE, SUNSEEKER, FAIRLINE, and of course PEARL, the excellence of PEARL and their line including their 65′, 80′, and their 92′, that is still with the YachtEZ Group based out of New York Yacht Sales factory direct for VENTO YACHTS of Turkey. 

For more in formation, contact our new and permanent European office location based in the UK maned by Alf Agius, is YachtEZ Import And Export LTD, Companies House registered location at 162 Westbrook Avenue, Aldridge, Walsall WS9 OBU, West Midlands, United Kingdom. Please give Mr. Agius a ring at +44 (0)1922 453595 or email him at:

YachtEZ Group is proud to announce our expansion to the lavish yachting capital of the eastern seas, Montenegro, having our clientele and shipyard associations now intact and ongoing.  Being adjacent to the upcoming yacht destination of Armenia on the Adriatic Sea and historic Greece on the Aegean Sea., just 60-nautical miles east from our home country of Italia, this now firm expansion business alliance is a credit to all who have united under our joint companies collaboration. Unifying with our European Warranty shipyards in Pisa and Viareggio, Italia, for the Mediterranean for marine, now colluding on the Adriatic Sea with Ancona and Fano located services, where we represent DOMINATOR Yachts, the  gateways to the Aegean and surrounding Indian and South Pacific oceans, YachtEZ Group is truly a world influence in the AIR and Yachting Community on a global scale.

We support the design, sale, and charter of EUROCOPTER Helicopter Sales and Charter Service, that we currently use for exclusive site charter helicopter transportation between the south of France and Monaco Yacht Show , Festival de Cannes Film Festival, and the Cannes Yachting Festival , each year.   YachtEZ Group’s client services that combine again, air, film, and sea dominance in the new designs and service for our clients in transportation from Nice Airport on the Cote d’Azure, to the various show locations and activities throughout the Northern Mediterranean coastal and island destinations by short air charter in our newest models.  The comfort of seating and service in the air is phenomenal to say the least:

The fourth  and most significant for our expansion plan into the domestic South Florida market, under the masterful business eye at the helm of Michelangelo Mozzicato, now gives us a second location in the yachting capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Michelangelo’s expertise for new boat sales and brokerage is located at 2005 SW 8th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Coming from a widely experienced boat owning and business background, Michelangelo’s eye for detail in boat construction and business profile stemming from his restaurant owner business success’s, are widely known in South Florida.  For sake of understanding and sampling the finest, try his newest “place to be seen” at Andy’s Live Fire Grill, 1843 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, 954-903-9945, for a culinary delight that would tempt the devil himself.  Take some time and meet Michelangelo straightaway to talk boats and of course, serious good food in a surrounding atmosphere of our local South Florida ambiance. 

For ongoing maintenance and retrofit services starting with our Miami River primary facility at  732 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136; with now a second new and permanent local  service/warranty/ storage center in Fort Lauderdale for complete safe storage just west of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport at 3330 Burris Road, Davie, FL 33314, where YachtEZ Group in our facilities put service first keeping our client’s boats on the water instead of in the yard.

This second yard will accommodate new vessel and trade stock inventory introduced in Broward County, Florida, to match our existing service site in Dade County, Florida, with 200′ of dockside on the Miami River directly west of Biscayne Bay.  Service is the key to the air and marine industry, and we as a company have come to know that no one keeps a broker, service company, or a repair yard, that does not put first the clients and hold the pedal to the metal on their behalf.

All managed and serviced from our parent location for the USA at the UCM-Complex in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida.


Now, as further noted below, we now have three locations to serve you, taking YachtEZ to being a major player in taking care of our very valued customers and their most valued possessions in the air and marine industries for our new and pre-owned brokerage air and marine vessels inventory.  What you buy from YachtEZ Group, is either a new boat, or as close to new as we can get as boat builders for the last 40+ years.

YachtEZ Group is proud to announce the finest to our additional in-house services. manned by our industry best, this yard joining our existing Broward and Dade County new and retrofit construction facilities  under the guidance and hands-on master craftsmanship of the heralded original DEEP IMPACT Master-Rigging-Duo…..the infamous Magic/Men of the “Two-Step. 24-degree deadrise” masters…… “Pep & Israel”  Nothing gets done better to make a boat run right than in their hands!

All small and medium size performance vessels that can fit into our 20′ height folding entry door where we can have 24-hour A/Cl climate and humidity controlled security under full brick company warehouse cover, has our best to work on them anytime day or night.  We know that preventative maintenance, and all purpose rigging and retrofitting services, custom fiberglassing and mold making, is key to any boaters successful relaxing day on the water.  We at YachtEZ are lucky enough to have the best-of-the-best rigging duo Pep & Israel with full service crew manning our own private company warehouse located at 2321 149th Street, Opa-Locka, Florida 33054, USA.  


[All vessel photos on this page is proprietary to YachtEZ Group, any unauthorized reproduction is punishable under law]


YachtEZ was the first to be involved with the import and sales of the above Euro-Lines-Of-Distinction in the 90’s of the last century, from SEALINE and BIRCHWOOD of the UK, BAIA and UNIESSE from Italia, and the most influential and premier Italian vessel line by and thru YachtEZ Group, DOMINATOR Yachts of Fano, Italia, beginning in the year 2002 until the sale of the shipyard in 2014. 

Upon discovery of said shipyard, Mark Gianassi, was the first to recognize the excellence in design of DOMINATOR Yachts for the American market from the mastermind owner Giandoto Sigismondi and Construction Manager Peter Zuber.  Said originator’s of DOMINATOR Yachts in 2002, naming Mark Gianassi of YachtEZ Group to be the first shipyard authorized Americas Dealer. YachtEZ still offers the optimum DOMINATOR yacht, the ILLUMINAIRE 26 meter that is the only custom yacht made by this magnificent and accomplished shipyard now in Viareggio, Italia.

Dominator Yachts has recently announced their latest superyacht project, the DOMINATOR 42 metre Ilumen. Featuring a High Performance Hull made of carbon fibre composite providing a weight reduction of 25% compared to standard hulls, the yacht is designed by Alberto Mancini. 

Light and space with Luxury materials. Owner suite to have exclusive bow terrace and retractable ceiling. Call our USA, UK, or Italian office for details on DOMINATOR, future construction, brokerage, and the new additions to our future stable of boats domestic and international.




From Tender to MEGAYACHT, VANQUISH YACHTS has emerged into the market to show a future to boating and construction.




From the newest designs to the oldest single family owned boatyard in Italia………..



To carry on here at the beginning of 2019/20 Boat Show Season, that YachtEZ Import And Export Ltd. and our domestic arm YachtEZ Import LLC is proud in the reawakening to our humble beginnings from said 1994, when we were the first to import the CANTIERE NAUTICA CRANCHI line of power motor yachts and boats from Plantedo (SO), Italia.


From traditional humble beginnings, the CRANCHI family has been producing the finest yachts and boats since 1870 in this farmland basin hamlet in the Northeast section of beautiful Italia near Lake Como. Still family owned, investing into and evolving with modern production standards to the vessels of today but still in the traditional handmade quality begun 147-years ago, the CRANCHI Family Shipyard is producing 200-boats for world distribution yearly, and the USA is a target market for them.


At our debut at last years 2017 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW, and now with new models set for delivery our display at the recent MIBS, February 15-19, 2018, YachtEZ national and international arms joined with the CRANCHI Shipyard and their successful dealer network to be a representative to assist and promote sales in their regional territories. As noted, we are not an authorized CRANCHI Dealer, but work closely in Europe and USA with their dealer network and can introduce our client base and monitor for our clients any construction at the Italian shipyard. Our history with them speaks for itself.



We are onboard to again offer the best of the best, CANTIERE NAUTICA CRANCHI, and congratulate BOAT WORKS as the southeastern CRANCHI Dealer and NEWPORT BOATS, the western Pacific Dealer, on a job well done coast to coast continental USA. We at YachtEZ are proud to be here to assist and to promote the CANTIERE NAUTICA CRANCHI Shipyard and their marketing network whenever and wherever we engage our clients and buying public on behalf of the shipyard and their Dealer Network.

As with our Italian imports, YachtEZ Import LLC and international marketing and sales division YachtEZ Import And Export LLC., search to supply our clients with the finest vessels of each class offered in the market arena.


It is our distinct pleasure to have been made as an outside sales tool for BOATS DIRECT USA and offer for national and international sales and export, new and pre-loved DEEP IMPACT CUSTOM Power Boats of Miami and BLACKWATER Boats; both South Florida hand built vessel lines of the highest quality construction and design distinction, a yard of respected accomplishments and proven dependability.


DEEP IMPACT 360 OPEN SPORT, 399-CABIN, & 360-CABINDeep Impact 316 0294.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8BLACKWATER 36 OPEN SPORT

You all know of YachtEZ’s personal and business history with DEEP IMPACT[DI], beginning in 1997/98 with the development and first sale at the 1998 Miami International Boat Show, progressing from there to YachtEZ opening territories delivering boats around the globe including the Americas, North, Central, and South Americas, the Caribbean, Europe both Western and Eastern, Africa, the South Pacific Rim, and Australia. Our aggressive concept and design department planning on culminating in the forthcoming DI-Flagship model the DI 430 expanded 2-step hull design we have so developed over the years from the original 330 and 360, to the 399 cabins and open models both Open Sport and Cabin models. With testing and development of the newest expansion 430 as the top of our model line debuting in 2016/17, DEEP IMPACT CUSTOM BOATS is here to stay and will again command the center console market for style, performance, and safety. Our 2016/17 boat factory production level will have an introductory 25- boat per year hand-made construction schedule under the watchful eye of Master Boat Builder, Eugenio “CoCo” Uriarte, that will cap at a very exclusive limited 40-boat per year worldwide delivery number of strictly custom boat manufacturing ongoing both in the DEEP IMPACT CUSTOM and BLACKWATER model ranges.


Deep Impact 316 0502.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c826SEPT2015BlackWaterBoats_0127.36 CROPPED


The gelcoat and powder-coated hard-tops with large helm illuminating sun-filtering tinted glass sunlights and soft Sunbrella Bimini tops with built in rod holders and outriggers option, rigged with double,triple, or quadruple outboard on most models, make this vessel line not only top performers, but the envy of all local pleasure boaters and anglers alike.


For international sales outside the USA, contact YachtEZ Import And Export LLC in Fort Lauderdale, or direct to the European marketing leg of M.B.&Yachts s.r.l. of Rome and Lavagna, Italy (; owning and showcasing DEEP IMPACT Euro-models in the first part of the new Millennium thru today in the Med as seen in the photo below. Continuing on in year 2017, M.B.&Y having opened formal sales and marketing office in the summer of 2016 on the beaches in the picturesque chic northern Isle Italia seaside resort, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, continues serving our clients in the Med so that no owner or their yacht is away from our company care.



Not withstanding, YachtEZ is also now open in the southern hemisphere from our sister company in Singapore, continuing vessel sales and representation from a permanent location accommodating Asia and the South Pacific Rim.





YachtEZ is proud to offer as with our other very limited production high-end stable of imported European reknown boats DOMINATOR and CRANCHI of Italia and VDH of the Netherlands. For our south Florida construction, get one of the most sought after center console vessels spawned from the definitive performance days of the 1980’s Miami made in the USA, and truly have that vessel that the rest of the marina will talk about and point out … best in class hands down, Miami born and bread, international bound. For our latest listings and industry news, please go to our YachtWorld Home Page and Central Listings and BOAT TRADER online vessel offers. All sites are connected and work in concert, so please surf the sites, find what you want at what you want to spend, and let’s make a deal!

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