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The DOMINATOR s.r.l. Shipyard in Fano, Italia, was spawned from the genius of Sr. Giandato Sigismondi, the designer and innovator of the heralded and most innovative model line of its time, the Italian line MochiCraft of the late 20th century.


The MochiCraft shipyard in Fano, Italia, sold to Norberto Ferretti and the Ferretti Group in 1998, leaving Sr. Sigismondi the foresight and financial capability by and with under the guidance of principals Sr. Sigismondi, with Peter Zuber, former Formula ONE Driver, the capable formerly MOCHI staff of techs, captains, and office personnel, including supporter Team “Kiki” Rosburg, Forumla ONE Racing Champion, and the design team Nuvolari & Lenerd of Milan, put together the team to make the yachtworld take notice.


Opening of the first production plant partnering with Milan design team of Nuvolari/Lenerd Design Studio and the Formula ONE support team to create the most innovative new megayacht design for the new Millenium and beyond.  Needless to say, the fastest developing megayacht series on the water at that critical time in the develpment.  I know, I was there.


For some very strict history in the development on a world stage of this incredible shipyard to the stars, with this magic combo of design, experience, and lust for speed and quality, to open DOMINATOR s.r.l. in March 2000.

  • – July 2001 -The launch of our first craft: the DOMINATOR 65,
  • – February 2003 – The opening of the DOMINATOR permanent headquarters in Fano, Italia, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea,
  • – March 2006 The launch of the first DOMINATOR 620
  • – November 2006 – Finishing the model of the hull for the DOMINATOR 29M moving this shipyard at lightening speed from the buying public and demand for their quality in the most modern and efficient motoyachts to hit the world stage to date.

Upon recognizing the quality of this new shipyard, YachtEZ, at that time based in London, UK, with Americas Office in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, immediately began importing that original DOMINATOR 65 to USA with our first Vessel sale in 2003, for a 2004 model year:


YachtEZ Import And Export Ltd, became the DOMINATOR Authorized Dealer for the Americas from 2002 to 2014, authorized direct from the founding Italian owners until that original DOMINATOR s.r.l. Shipyard sold to new Austrian Owners from their Italian origins.


For all practical purposes from this accomplished shipyard, now at lightning acceptance the world over:

  • October 2007 – The opening of the production site in v/Papiria 92, Fano, and fitting out the DOMINATOR 860 and 29M so as to leave the original shipyard to fabricate and finish the smaller DOMINATOR models.
  • On 3 August 2008 – The launch of the first DOMINATOR 780,
  • On 1 September 2008 – The launch of the first DOMINATOR 29M,
  • March 2009 – Then the worldwide unveiling of the DOMINATOR 29M at the Dubai Boat Show.

Then, not forgetting the foundation models that made this shipyard great, going back to a wider audience:

  • – On 2 September 2010 – The launch of the first DOMINATOR 720
  • – The shipyard expanding again January 2011 – Opening of the new headquarter and production site in Via Papiria 62.
  • – June 2013 – Worldwide Premier of the new DOMINATOR 640 in Venice, Italia.
  • – In September 2013 – DOMINATOR 640 wins two Yacht Oscars in Best Layout and Best Interior Design for industry excellence in design and custom shipyard creation and delivery.

Year after year, the DOMINATOR s.r.l. Shipyard excels from other yards of similar size, but never in any comparison are they surpassed in finish and execution.


It was at this juncture that DOMINATOR fully understood their potential and the need to expand their shipyard so that the room to build with their extreme vetted attention to detail could be realized in an environment as dedicated to quality construction in detail as existed in the mind’s eye of the Principals.   The resulting immaculately kept shipyard factory interior became an industry standard for organization and cleanliness, offering the least amount of contamination to their in-house woodworking department for clear gloss and satin finishes, unadulterated with any airborne contaminant or dust… perfection the goal of the DOMINATOR principals and shipyard workers from start to finish, year after year exceeding their own objectives and goals.


The only way to create unique, superior quality yachts is to treat each one as if it were the only boat in production, and as if that boat were your own.

DOMINATOR yachts are solid and extremely unique, and they are all built 100%  in-house at their shipyards, from the glass fibre to the Italian decorum interiors with the finest grain exotic woods crafted in-house, to the laying of the marble and granite. Every craft is hand-finished, and painstaking care is taken over even the smallest detail.

DOMINATOR also guarantees the highest level of customization and client personalized input thanks to a production philosophy that is based firmly on artisan hand’s on craftsmanship. Hi-tech solutions using specifically owner designed interior and exterior furnishings, using the finest materials and top-class finish all ensure that every client expectation and dream is fulfilled.  The yard marches to new heights and levels of demand in an industry that holds no quarter nor takes no prisoners.  Below are yearly platforms met in the yards development and maturity:
  • March 2000 – Opening of the first production plant / March 2000 – Apertura primo stabilimento produttivo
  • July 2001 – Launch of the first boat produced by cantirere: the DOMINATOR 65
  • In March 2006 – the first unit ‘of the DOMINATOR 620 is Launched
  • Novembere 2006 – it is completed on the hull model of DOMINATOR 29M

  • October 2007 – Opening of premises via Papiria 92, setting up models and 860 DOMINATOR 30M

  •  Marzo 2009 – Viene presentato in anteprima mondiale al salone di Dubai il Dominator 29M
  • Aprile 2010 – Varo del primo Dominator 40M
  • January 2011 – Opening of new offices and production facility in Via Papiria 62
  • Giugno 2013 – Premier mondiale della nuova Dominator 640 a Venezia


    Dominator 640
    CANNES / 8th – 13th of September 2015 Yachts on Display:
    Jetee Albert Eduard Sud ~ Stand: JETEE 151 Dominator 640
    Dominator 800
    Virtual Reality: Dominator Ilumen 26M
Explore the DOMINATOR Yachts s.r.l. shipyard here on YachtEZ and see innovation in the making every single day, nothing left behind or overlooked whether below deck unseen or right in front of your eyes, every detail is addressed to the maximum level of modern efficiency, safety, and engineering performance.
YachtEZ has been with the DOMINATOR Yachts Shipyard from that first DOMINATOR model 65 in 2000, ongoing to present day magnificence industry status.  Come explore the pages online here at YachtEZ and see what the future holds for maritime engineering and design at DOMINATOR Yachts s.r.l.:
Design excellence begins at the beginning, and this DOMINATOR s.r.l. Shipyard leaves no stone unturned down to it’s first interaction where a client’s first opinions are made…. the entrance to the factory shipyard office reception area.  Perfect Italian design, and opens Pandoras Box.


If you choose a DOMINATOR, you can be sure that there is no other like yours in the world.

What we build for you is as unique as your personality, your dreams and your wishes.

A tailormade DOMINATOR enables you to pamper and immerse yourself in a luxury playground by the sea!

UNMISTAKINGLY …The Winner’s Choice