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Like the very best sports cars or the intricate excellence of watches, superyachts today are the product of remarkable engineering and vision. Besides the sheer pleasure of such vessels, however, life aboard a luxury yacht is unique, more than the most luxurious of resorts, able to take the OWNER-FOR-THE-MOMENT sitting at helm position, and valued guests, with an experienced crew to destinations that are the most chic and exotic of port locales.

A yacht can take you to new horizons every day, give you access to places that few ever get to know and all in the highest comfort with fashion decorum that is a standard above superb and excellence. It’s about feeling free, having new choices each day and sharing extraordinary times with the people you care about.

No 2 yachts and no 2 clients are the same, so the different styles of holiday we can create for you are limitless.  Think of being the owner of a yacht for short periods that you choose, no fees for dockage beyond your cruise, no outgoing expense on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis as an owner who has to sustain to keep the yacht at the height of performance, with able crew.

Think of your yacht having all preparation for you and your guest’s Holiday prepared in advance with your own personal chef and wait staff that will pay the strictest attention to every detail in the highest of luxury standards.  All at one set and prearranged fee, the only guess expense beyond personal is the tip for the crew, and that is up to your pleasure temperature and personal satisfaction.

YachtEZ Import And Export can arrange charters from the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, the Aegean Seas, with their historic ruins, culture, and the fabulous European fare; to the South Pacific with magical and pristine New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands gems of Tahiti, Figi, Guam, Marshall in circumnavigating megayachts power and sail.

Closer to home of course the Caribbean island nations and Gulf of Mexico, as well as the North Atlantic for historical Massachusetts, Rhode Island with Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island destinations not to be missed, with the beauty of Maine to Nova Scotia, and over to the Great Lakes.

On the other side of the world, the Pacific and the North shores of Canada and Alaska, are beyond marvelous with towering ice glaciers and crystal clear waters and scenery beyond compare.  

On the balmy shores of Mexico with cliff rock divers and golden sand, south to the southern currents of South America and the legendary Galapagos Islands; charter dreams are limitless, all it takes is plain willing to do.  Give us your dreams and we will turn them into reality, remember, you only live once.

Aboard the yacht of your choice, see the water toys that are a part of the deal, the accommodation that you can see and choose from a small day cruiser, to a megayacht.  Please go to our automatic online system below and begin your journey into sheer opulence and catered luxury, all prepared for just you.

From the comfort of your home or business desk, we can format a plan with photos of every view of your selected yacht for your comfort and complete information, your selected destinations, all dockage fees and even requested shore experiences arranged in advance.  Your experienced crew comes with complete career resume for your thorough inspection of whom you are with and their total vast experience.  

YachtEZ only uses the best of the best for our crews and each member must go through a complete background check so that you know who is attending you, nothing left to chance.

With a Charter arranged by YachtEZ Charters, you are the OWNER of your own yacht for as long as you wish to stay aboard, knowing that when finished, you leave with no clean up, no ongoing repair bills, insurance payments, and crew contracts for year around salary and medical expenses. Luxury to no end all inclusive for the time you are aboard.  

Think of your meals and complete menu arranged in advance with a master chef who prepares just for you; your selected wines and liquors stored aboard, served to you just as you request, when you request, as much as you request, all for a fixed price.  

The only variable on cost are fuel for your predetermined destinations after beginning with a full tank as part of your arranged fee, any customs that will be a personal expense and up to each party, and crew tip, again up to your personal satisfaction gauge,

Please call our office or email us your request and go to our Charter Preparation Page to select you destinations and what vessels are available for you to choose from in the location of your choice.  

It doesn’t get any better than this.  We await you inquiry and the hope that we can put a charter together for you that is beyond compare, limitless in idea and experience.

diamonds are forever parked

Buona Fortuna,

Mark Gianassi

Managing Director/Broker Of Record

YachtEZ Import LLC – Domestic

YachtEZ Import And Export LLC – International

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