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YachtEZ Import And Export and our in-house shipping department, PRINTZ UNLIMITED, offers national and international shipping where all necessary preparation [Vessel Pre Shrinkwrap Detail, Shrinkwrapping, Custom Built Cradle, etc], all Customs Documentation for import or export, and any and all Interstate-Overland Transport permits.  YachtEZ Import And Export arranges all aspect of any vessel or any part shipment no matter how big or small, all done internally by our staff as part of a One-Stop-Process national or international in shipping any vessel, component, or part, effortlessly by and for OWNER .


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Top-Quality Shrink Wrapping and Custom Shipping Preparation

Since 2006, SHRINK WRAPPING, LLC. in Miami, Florida, has offered shrink wrapping services that can be used for industrial machinery, helicopters, generators, and other products made by manufacturing companies. This effective packaging provides superb protection against the elements, for over the road transport or overseas shipping.

Hold your newly-built boats in place during boat transport by placing them on our expertly-made boat cradles. It doesn’t matter if you have a medium-size sailing ship or large vessel that you want to stabilize, as we make cradles for crafts of all sizes.

Complete Shrink Wrap Packaging 


Protect your vessel during shipping with our shrink wrap packaging. When your turn to SHRINK WRAPPING, LLC. in Miami, Florida, we make sure we fully cover your items in a durable plastic film to keep them safe from dirt, water, and critters. Recommended for commercial and industrial businesses, shrink wrapping is a great way to secure a variety of merchandise from the elements. We wrap basically anything that needs to be protected by transport or storage for maximum protection against all conditions.

Product Wrapping


Typically used by machinery manufacturers (when shipping device overseas), our wrapping service keeps items from being exposed to bad weather, saltwater, and other hazards. Our professionals can cover any type of assembled products, including boats, trucks, and helicopters that will be shipped by sea.

Reasonable Prices

Take advantage of our covering service for a cost-effective price. While costs vary depending on the items you need covered, we strive to make your fee affordable.

Support your watercraft(s) during boat transport with well-made shipping cradles designed by SHRINK WRAPPING, LLC. in Miami, Florida. Made from wood or steel, these professionally-built cradles can hold boats in place while they are being transferred to another location over road or sea. Our products are perfect for shipping and freight companies.


Custom-made Cradles

Have a cradle customized for the size of your boat. Each cradle we build it made specifically for the boat it’ll be supporting.cradle

Cost-effective Pricing

Save more money by purchasing cradling  made by our skilled builders. Depending on the size of your boat, prices will vary.

Contact us to ensure your watercraft(s) arrive at their destination without being damaged with our shipping cradles.

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Shrink Wrapping 

Loading and Securing Boats in Containers

Creating Custom Shipping Cradles for Boat Transport


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