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The VDH Exclusive DeLuxe entry level 1500 is the model which expresses the heritage of VDH at it’s best. She is given classical lines, but at the same time the Exclusive DeLuxe is very much in touch with yacht designing of the future. This perfect balance conveys an intense feeling of classical elegance when sailing your favorite waters combining with innovation and the strength and confidence of a welded steel and aluminum skeleton so to speak.  Put yourself on the unpredictable, cold North Sea where these ships were designed, tested, created, and delivered.  You tell me, how much safer can you feel and be on any sea environ?  One pictures says it all, read on…..



On the Exclusive DeLuxe model line, your holidays will always be relaxing in confidence. It is the trusted VDH quality, the ease of sailing the yacht, the comfort of the space that makes this happen. Every detail on the yacht is carefully thought through by our designers and is serving your pleasant stay on board. Enjoy its elegance and relax…in bliss knowing in your dreams your ultimate safety at sea.

  • Designed with years of Dutch yacht building experience
  • Classical lines with a distinctive design. The features of this elegant VDH Exclusive DeLuxe are eminent. From the pronounced AXE bow, the lines of this yacht flow smoothly to the stern. It shows complete balance in form and function
  • The aluminium hull, formed and welded by the professional craftsmen at the VDH shipyard, offers a sturdy and safe base for your pleasure. The lounge seat at the stern gives you and your crew pure enjoyment. Luxuriating in soft cushions, while nipping a glass of cooled white wine together with your loved ones. Can life get any better?

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YachtEZ Import will now be exclusively offering the VDH Line of Aluminum/Steel Construction vessels for North America, and will invite all inquiries from our neighbors in Central and South America to join us, we offer full warranty service for all our quality welded aluminum and/or steel construction VDH models.


VDH using a semi-displacement hull design with prop pockets and underwater exhaust, the features of such a design inherent in the stability on water with current, in wind, and in sometimes daunting weather conditions.  Very light 3′ draft for a vessel of this weight and design.

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We at YachtEZ and the VDH Shipyard await your positive response, and allowing our staff to begin our dialogue with you to set up a shipyard tour for your consideration in the Van der Heijden Yachts Shipyard model of choice.  There is nothing more wonderful that a shipyard tour in the Netherlands under the capable guide of shipyard owner, designers, technicians, and the international staff of YachtEZ Import And Export to consider the yacht of your dreams.  Consider this the beginning of a wonderful life adventure that will change your life beyond compare and make those dreams come true.  As we say, life is too short not to be this good to yourself.


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