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VESSEL STORAGE is an increasing “goldmine” in the marine industry


Just like yacht and vessel dockage is singularly the most important issue in the after-purchase process of your most prized marine possession where there is very limited availability; making waterfront property that comes with “free” vessel dockage so to speak, an increasingly sought after and good investment for the yacht and boat owner.  Likewise, the question remains looming, where is the safest and most secure place to keep your most beautiful and expensive boat?


Since not all boat owners have waterfront property to take advantage of, it is very clear, there is a very simple paramount equation, there are more vessels than water dockage space available, so interior storage has grown exponentially more in demand as a result.  When you get one, where do you put it?


As a result, dry storage becomes a paramount investment for each and every small to midsize boat owner.  Buying anew or brokerage boat is one thing, but where do you put it?


That leading to YachtEZ Group’s newest offer to our buyers and our owners, adding  the highest quality boat storage facilities to our boat  clientele that we ourselves contracted and presently use for our boats.  For those that are seeking a boat from our new or brokerage divisions, YachtEZ will negotiate the same quality indoor storage that we use for you based on that ever elusive space availability.


What YachtEZ Group’s offer to our preferred clients is outlined below:


Their are two distinct types of vessel storage yards, and we offer the finest local properties of both:


#1: SINGLE FLOOR LEVEL ROLL IN/ROLLOUT: The newest and most advanced yard is the boating industry for vessel and trailer combo storage is the state of the art, Category-5 safe warehouse, UNIQUE CUSTOM MARINE VAULT, 2044 NW 25th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33063, USA.

Phone: +(954) 980-4887


Not on the water, but one and a half [1-1/2 ] miles away, and the staff works our convenient launches for their clientele.  Housed in an A/C category-5 Hurricane safe showroom atmosphere, with water launching a service of the company, the boat ramp for water launch is a mile and a half  [1 and a 1/2] away as noted above.  We recommend so highly that our own boats and our central listings when possible, are contained therein and reside under YachtEZ negotiated storage contracts as shown below:

UNIQUE CUSTOM MARINE VAULT AND RETROFIT CENTER, is now a stocking MERCURY Dealer that will pride our services with the repower of any boat and for factory direct new boat orders for MERCURY Outboards and MERCRUISER inboard engines.   All MERCURY factory approved  onsite installation from MERCURY Certified and trained technicians NOW AVAILABLE.  Please call directly as contained herein to our main office at UCM  or to YachtEZ Import And Export, at 1100 Lee Wagener Boulevard, Suite #314, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA @ +(954) 767-8855.  For the latest information on availability and delivery options for all your MERCURY Products, please call direct to UCM or our sales office at YachtEZ Import And Export LLC as contained herein.


AND #2, the newest industry future for vessel storage is the F3- MARINA-FORT LAUDERDALE, 1335 SE 16th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA

A state-of-the-art fully automated robotic controlled dry rack warehouse computer programmed vessel storage warehouse with direct water launching access by two[2] robotic crane lift-and-launch robot crane hoists conveniently available in one beautiful and very clean showroom space.  In a Category-5 protected under cover contained vessel storage yard with up to 46′ LOA vessel storage availability where our own company 37’+boat shown above is also kept on a year around basis is this brand new facility in downtown Fort Lauderdale right adjaent to 17th Street Causeway Broker’s row, is this futuristic new storage facility that is unapparelled with inhouse amenities and services.  We like to have the best as our owners and clients do, and we use only the best.


“Nothing too good for our own company boats”

Located on the Seminole Canal and 16th Street, the 240-slip Marina will be only the second fully-automated drystack marina facility in the United States of this type.   F3 Marina-Fort Lauderdale will securely store boats up to 46 feet in overall length, 13-foot beams, up to 17 feet in height, and hold a wet weight up to 30,000 pounds.  Launching is immediate, robotic lifted from stacked-slip, lifted to water below, that quick with programmed robot lift programmed to each vessel specifications identified by computer controlled storage-stack-slip number, virtually fully automated and accident proof.  Retrieval and restack the same way, with full fresh water rinse off done at time of return restackduring business hours and marina staff’s personal boat concierge attention.  Outboard’s are fresh water rinsed as part of the personalized service to each boat storage contract.



F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale utilizes advanced, computerized crane technology allowing us to store boats up to 46’ quickly and safely in a hurricane protected building. The lift can store or retrieve single boat in less than 5 minutes. After you’ve enjoyed your day on the water, your motors will be flushed  and  safely stored until your next adventure. Have peace of mind knowing your boat is safe, secure and conveniently available whenever you wish to use your watercraft hnadled with extraordinary personal attention by trained professionals

Exceptional Service

By exceeding expectations and providing world-class service, F3 Marina builds loyalty and increases demand. Our fully-trained professional staff are always focused on providing a memorable experience to our boaters, guests and clients.

“Create loyalty with exceptional service.”


Exceptional Service


  • Minutes from the Port of Everglades Inlet
  • Likewise minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Amtrak and Sunrail Station, Florida Turnpike & Interstate 95
  • Walking distance to hundreds of restaurants, shopping centers, hotels & more
  • Storage for boats up to 46’ LOA, 17’ in height and 30,000 pounds
  • Fully-automated crane system is fast, safe and efficient for boats
  • Category 5-Hurricane-rated building
  • Covered personal parking
  • Return afterhours, tie up at one of our personal waterfront docks with 24-hour security, upon staff morning working hours, will put into your stacked slip….THAT EASY & CONVIENENT


In addition to our advanced drystack facility, our marina offers a number of on-site features to make your stay as pleasant as possible. These features include:


  • Wet slips for staging
  • Retail ship store
  • An upscale, climate-controlled private lounge
  • Electric hookup
  • Convenient water access to the Atlantic Ocean
  • Conference Room
  • Custom mobile app launch request
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Vessel Detailing
  • Category 5-Hurricane rated facility
  • On-site, high-speed fuel service
  • Personal Concierge service
  • Fully-automated crane technology
  • Storage locker rentals
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Fresh Water Engine flush
  • Complementary ice (upon request)
  • Indoor work racks


Utilizing advanced, computerized marina crane technology maximizes the facility’s dry storage capabilities and minimizes retrieval time. A single dry-rack vessel storage facility will house two robotic computer programmed boat lifts that will elevate boats out of the water and after fresh water rinsed, set them to be lifted by the crane direct to your contracted personal elevated dry boat slip. The lift will be able to store or retrieve a single boat in less than five minutes.  Agreed personal concierge services for the fresh water rinsed and engine flushing options will require additional time, but that is up to each individual owner as to frequency.


YachtEZ Group only recommends and showcases here in our company website what we as a company uses forour own boats and is tried and proven as being the best available and most convenient for the boat owner and their insurance companies’ policies for securing best rates in Hurricane damage control and safe vessel storage.  As we noted above, we keep our own personally owned boats and we offer when possible to our Central Listing Owners at both facilities solely for safe storage and damage threat control from weather, in a no-theft-chance environment for component or vessel at either of these highest quality properties, for vessels and personal possessions stored aboard totally safe.  Insurance companies love that fact and reflects in your policy rate regardless at each of these locations we offer


What we as a company use ourselves is what we put to our customers who like to keep their most prized marine possessions pristine and safe like we say, in a facility that has been “Tried-And-Proven,” by YachtEZ Group.  In simple other words, you get what we trust to leave our own boats to take care of the most prized marine marine possessions we own beyond waterfront property. As noted, is what we use and recommend to our people.