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VESSEL STORAGE is an increasing “goldmine” in the marine industry


Just like dockage where there is very limited availability, making waterfront property that comes with “free” vessel dockage so to speak, an increasingly sought after and good investment for the yacht and boat owner in that there is a very simple equation, there are more vessels than water dockage space available.


That leading to our offer of the highest quality boat storage facilities to our boat owning clientele that we have contracted and use, and those that are seeking a boat from our new and brokerage divisions where YachtEZ will negotiate the same for you based on that ever elusive availability:


ANSWER:  Their are two distinct types of vessel storage yards, #1 the most sought after is the contained warehouse storage yard where your boats and trailers are housed in a Category-5 Hurricane proof building, with 24-hour security behind locked steel doors in showroom conditions, where water access and launching is your key issue…..


#1: The newest and most advanced yard is the boating industry is the state of the art, Category-5 safe warehouse, UNIQUE CUSTOM MARINE VAULT, 2044 NW 25th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33063, USA, in showroom atmosphere water launching a service of the company with the boat ramp for water launch a mile and a half  [1 and a 1/2] away.  We recommend so highly that our own boats are contained and reside herein as shown below:


AND #2, a fully automatic robotic controlled dry rack warehouse with direct water launching access by robotic crane lift-and-launch conveniently available on one place, in a contained vessel storage yard to 40′ availability where our own company 37’+boat shown above is also kept on a year around basis.  We like to have the best as our owners and clients do, and we use only the best.


Nothing too good for our own company boats


YachtEZ Group will only recommend and showcase here in our company website what has been company tried and proven as the being the best available and most convenient for the boat owner and their insurances for best rates in Hurricane damage control, that is another simple equation.  As we noted above, we keep our own personally owned boats at both facilities solely under threat of weather, no-theft-chance for component or vessel at either of these highest quality properties, totally safe.


What we as a company use ourselves is what we put to our customers who like to keep their most prized marine possessions pristine and safe like we say, in a facility that has been “Tried-And-Proven,” by YachtEZ Group.  In simple other words, you get what we trust to leave our own boats to take care of the most prized marine marine possessions we own beyond waterfront property. As noted, is what we use and recommend to our people.