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DOWNTIME is the dread of any Owner, so please understand we at YachtEZ are boaters and we understand Owner’s concerns and problems, we are your partner and that means as less downtime as possible, our promise to our owners/partners.  Being a certified distributor for YACHT GROUP Products, we take very serious the quality of products we recommend and install on both new and retrofit boats we set programs for owners from the building stage to the finish and retrofit stages of both owned and trade vessels.

YachtEZ Group has entered into an agreement with LuMech LLC, an existing secured service yard on the Miami River in Miami, FL for continued work on all of our vessels new and PreLoved so that we can expand our services to include all repair and product retrofit installation for our owners and company inventory.  The yard is located on the east side of the Miami River,  the old Campeones Boat Yard at 600 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136, Our facility has about a 100′ of water dockage with rental slips on the Miami River north side, just south of the 42nd street boat ramp for ease of use and transport to our facllity for out of water service.  With the yard used for repair and retrofit, owners can rest assured that they have a place to work on their boats with capable staff that are all boaters and boat builders themselves so we know the importance.

Now our owners and future owners can have the luxury of the best outside providers and in-house tech’s to maintain their ultimate possession.  We now have over 100ft of water dockage on the river and the 42nd Street boat ramp to assist in our efforts to be able to keep your prized yachts running with as little down time as possible. We still will maintain our affiliation with the repair yards on the river in Fort Lauderdale, but this new permanent location for us in downtown Miami will be invaluable to our customers and to our company.  We have 24-hour video surveillance behind locked  iron gates as shown in the above photo, patrolled by the Miami Police Marine Patrol to safeguard your boats to the ultimate degree.  With our night vision cameras, look at your boat day or after hours on your cell phone to know what is happening and when, looking at live action on your computer or cell phone screen….ANYTIME Day or Night.  Security behind high locked gates with day and night continued video survellance, leaves little for any boat owner to worry about.


YachtEZ Import begins with sales, and follows with ongoing full service, and direct supply of all boat installed and related parts and service, with shipping to boat or home port worldwide, customs clearance included.  Any locat sales or import tax and duty is the responsibility of client, but we get you what you need, get it there, and fast.  We not only sell the YACHT GROUP line of safety and survellance products, but service and install onsite.


Our services that we can accomodate at this site are varied and many, but all necessary for any owner to maintain his most prized possession.  A special service we have entered into for an agreement of service for 2018 and beyond is with the DRYBOAT, LLC company of Grand Rapids, MI, specializing in the complicated safety service and very necessary repair of drying vessel hull core construction when wet.  We offer at our Miami RiverRepair Facility location, the proper power and long-term rental space for the repair that will maintain and even increase the value of your doomed vessel if not corrected. Necessity is the mother of invention so to speak, but when any owner is threatened with losing all value to his or her vessel, not to mention the safety of yourself, family, and guests, YachtEZ will save your vessel by eliminating the dreaded hull core moisture content without devastating fhull surgery so that the integrity of your purchase maintains the same hull she was built upon, fully insurable from your insurance carrier as not altered in any way.

As we tell our customers, YachtEZ not only builds, buys, and sells power boats of distinction, but gets to the core and foundation of every onwer’s ongoing plight, taking that best day buying the boat as we as boaters all know that day to be, and maintaining your investment with the utmost safety minded maintenance program available.  Our facility allowing owners to handle their repairs onsite with their own crew and techs, working side by side with our experienced staff, maintaining their own presence at their repairs and retrofit, with their own vessel liability insurance in place protecting our onsite property and all listed workers for owner, without liability other than what is expected from our own company actions.


 For more information or to schedule your boat into the yard for a free quote, please contact our office directly at the below listed contact information.

We can handle all sizes of transportable boats, having boat ramp near property, and other larger vessels we can accomodate up the river and along our own river docks.  Please call to inquire and we will make happen.