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When you think of finishing out a custom boat or to retrofit your existing boat into what you want to overstate who you are and what is your toy story, then what do you do?  The finishing point of the helm position on any boat you can over do just about everything after all, your helm is where you spend most of your time running at sea.  We finish our custom designs with that accent that separates your boat from all others, a custom dash panel of Carbon Fiber color of choice matching and accenting your boat decorum, polished textured Aluminum for that flash in the sun and hint in the moonlight, and assorted other looks that accentuate your marine machine’s point of control to your own personal status.


BLUEhelmOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAREDdashpanelCARBONFIBER1????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????POLISHEDaluminumHELMDASHpanelSTEERINGWHEELOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                                    GUSSI Itlian Steering Wheels


Choose color, panel facia texture, whether pounded metal, carbon fiber, or simply fabric, and accent your boat to the degree that reflects her to the finite detail, making her appearance stand to your standard where the owner spends the most time aboard, at the helm…. FINISHED like below, then finish the rest of the interior running space with completed hatches buckets and covers.



Even Deck hatches lined with carbon fiber, complete with logos of vessel manufacturer emblazoned onto the hatch underside into the carbon fiber to match helm facia.  It doesn’t get any better than this for your personal, customized vessel like no other. But, isn’t that what customized means?


With the matching hatch covers to the helm, now your boat looks finished to the “Nth degree 



Line the floor of your hatches with Lonseal mold resistant and water draining plastic sheeting [as in above stern cockpit generator/battery locker].



With YachtEZ, nothing beyond safety issue guidelines we won’t cross are there any limitations to our custom designs.  We like to think that “finished is finished,” and when “it’s not, it’s not”…. nothing can compare to the smallest sense of details not out in the open so to speak, that are done, molded and finished; where even under the hatches are finished down to the hinges and their molded-in installation, to reflect the quality of the boat, and more so, the quality of the builder.


So please let your imagination be your guide and come up with ideas for our design department to make reality for you and your boat a one-of, not like anybody else’s…. just yours. 


Please fill out the form below with your boat manufacturer, model, year, with photos always a plus, submit to our design team and let us give you a quote to retrofit your boat into the custom boat you’ve always wanted.  


Why change boats, when we can make her into a new boat for you for one low price with financing available if necessary and payment plans that will delight your sense of saving?