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YachtEZ Import And Export LLC & LTD – INTERNATIONAL

….is proud to offer new vessel construction from various shipyard’s offering styles and models stemming from across the globe.  YachtEZ is proud to offer building boats using the highest quality construction materials ranging from fiberglass to aluminum and steel fabrication and offering the lowest possible price direct to the client.  Ultra-Design quality from the Euro style masterfully handcrafted woods, fabrics, leather, and marble from Italy and the Netherlands, reaching across the “Great Pond” to our performance Deep-V planing hulls built right here in Miami proper Biscayne Bay on the lip of the Atlantic shores, the performance boat and yacht capital of the world.  

Our vessel sizes range from 30+ US-foot, to 50+-metres, representing for new boat sales that are boat factory and shipyard direct, no middlemen:








YachtEZ is also a licensed and bonded NEW BOAT and FULL BROKERAGE HOUSE, we take trades of all makes and models against new construction and work with our clients to assure a smooth transition in the sales and delivery departments.  We can offer for a new boat build, the luxury of taking in for credit a client’s current boat, eliminating the sting out of what to do and not being a 2-boat owner. Thus offering brokerage boat sales of all sizes, manufacturers, and/or model lines, available to others who aren’t in the new boat market.  It is a win/win situation and only a factory direct company marketing plan can put into play at the best prices for all buyers, new construction or pre-loved.  Go to our online Pre-Loved site to see our list of brokerage boats.


See you on the water Mate!!….Just ENJOY, after all is said and done, life is way to short not to… and so we say it again, “See you on the water Mate!!!”… you can’t take it with you, so spend it while you are here and just enjoy… Cheers