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17 up to 30 meters


 Simply put, you get Dutch yacht building expertise at its finest, and whenever you can close your eyes, think of a Vermeer painting and imagine the thought and process behind that gem…… Detail, Detail …… Detail, that is the only real description of a Vermeer masterpiece.  The same holds true for the Dutch Van Der Heijden shipyard and their master artist craftsmen. 

  • Available from 17 up to 30 meters

Follow your dream and VDH follows you, or even surpasses you in offering a performance yacht beyond your dreams. The SUPERIOR reaches an astounding speed of 40 knots for size and construction. But speed is not all she offers.

  • Graceful flared bow
  • Available in steel / aluminium or completely aluminium


Besides excellent sailing characteristics at full throttle in the open with a full upper flybridge helm station with 360-degree sea view, adding the sophisticated hull makes the SUPERIOR also easy to handle when cruising the smaller inland waterways. Decades of Dutch yacht building expertise have created a model, which enables you to enjoy both the sound of the water lapping against the hull of your SUPERIOR at dock or mooring, or simply in a cove of choice, and the thrill of taking you out to sea at high speeds, makes the SUPERIOR design one that is safe and versatile on a world scale.  With her sea-keeping A-classification with full aluminum or steel and aluminum construction, make this vessel unparallelled in her size for strength and sea agility in any sea condition. Start making your dream come true…

  • Sophisticated semi-displacement hull
  • Available in Aluminum and Aluminum Steel construction from 17 up to 30 meters
  • Propulsion by propeller or jet
  • High speeds at maximum fuel efficiency
  • Top of the Line VDH expertise


Unlimited gracefulness

A VDH can be recognized from afar. The contours of the SUPERIOR are smooth and the outstanding flared bow is of unlimited gracefulness. This harmonious design makes it a real VDH.

The hard-chined hull below the waterline ensures comfortably and stabile sailing for you and your crew. The Flybridge gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sun or calm breeze while taking your SUPERIOR to the most stunning places. Together with a superb outer finishing, your SUPERIOR will have a superior appearance in any marina.



Wishes incorporated

Your dream is always personal. That is why we carefully listen to you and do our utmost to have your wishes incorporated in your VDH dream yacht.

Whether it is an hydraulic swimming platform or a certain speed you require of your yacht. Our professionals have a tireless dedication to delivering you the yacht that best meets your dreams. That characterizes our product and at the same time makes each VDH unique, in their simplistic minimal interior decorum, and advanced design intricacy for power, elegance, and overall safety in comfort.  Simplicity in conception that renders for the client:

  • Endless possibilities
  • Carefully transferring your wishes to your dream yacht concept to reality





Coming home

An interior that feels like coming home. That is what you want when staying on your VDH. And as one cannot argue about taste, we design every interior custom made. Just for you.  Dutch minimalism, to lavish proportions as per owner taste, handmade as everything at VDH, your interior design is just for you.

Looking out over the horizon, taking your thoughts with you while relaxing comfortably in the wheelhouse. Or inviting your friends to have a great grill at the top deck. All this can be your reality when choosing a VDH. We understand what you want and can turn your wishes into a yacht that has the best performance for you.

  • Up to 6 berths
  • Interior always custom-built
  • Cabin and galley on one level


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