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Welcome to small wind Technology presented by Berdan-Tech LLC


“An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future.”


For world locations and average wind speeds inherent to specific place, please refer to the following Website, selecting on a world map your national or international location:


Click here to see your current and average wind speed


For USA national wind map to see current updated wind speeds for your area, please refer to the USA National Wind Map Website below and magnify to your specific location with the cursor.  Please go to:


HINT.FM wind map


Berdan-Tech’s vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), named Evolution of Wind (EOW) can rotate and catch wind from all directions at low wind speeds. Versus the historical design of the Darrieus and Savonius VAWTs, the EOW is a dual-helical styled turbine. This helical design makes it better suited for urban, commercial, and suburban environments because of its simple and unique enhancements. The EOW generates power at low rotational speeds, meaning it is safer in high winds. The blade design funnels out any noise caused by the turbine. The patented design of the blades also allows the turbine to start generating power at much lower speeds than other turbines on the market today.


The EOW-100 is our smallest foot print.

Designed for light power outputs higher wind conditions, 1-3kw is available. Standard build is 2 x 1.0 Kw generators.

This design has 3 x 48” helix blades per side, designed to capture 360 degrees of air flow, with a low wind speed kick in of only 3-4 mph. Light weight of only 350 lbs.

The EOW-100 can be configured to be used in many power applications. Battery storage for 12/24/48 Volt systems with pure sine wave inverters connecting directly to the power source. Grid tie applications with Inverters from ABB, Ginlong or Schneider electrical Systems. We are currently testing new systems all the time.

This system was designed for areas of higher winds, Coastal, Mountain and extreme weather areas with averages above 15 mph. Even with a low kick in speed. The smaller blade surface allows for more intense weather locations. This system is fully customizable to your needs at a very low introductory cost and has the option to upgrade to more power when needed. The system will come fully assembled and ready to mount on multiple locations.



The EOW-200 is our midrange foot print.

Designed for MEDIUM power Applications 3 kw is available.

This design has optional 2 x 60” or 3 x 60” helix blades per side, designed to capture 360 degrees of air flow, with a low wind speed kick in of only 3-4 mph.

Light weight of only 400 lbs.

The EOW-200 was our foundation design. Developed for the Urban environment and small business applications. This our most popular system. Great for Homes, Cottages, Barns,

Small business for specific applications and remote power source locations. The design is fully upgradeable to our EOW-300 systems with minimum effort and costs. Since each product line shares the identical structure and foundation, only a few parts need to be replaced for extended height.


The EOW-300 is our flagship foot print.

Design for med-high power outputs 5kw is available.

This design has 2 x 96” helix blades per side, designed to capture 360 degrees of air flow, with a low wind speed kick in of only 3-4 mph. Light weight of only 500 lbs.

The EOW-300 was designed for large power applications, such as larger homes and cottages. Small to Medium Business requiring a steadier power source. Able to operate in low winds as well as higher wind speeds. This systemcan be customized to fit almost any application. As a small wind farm it can easily be linked together to create a unique power source.

It is the only system that can support up to 4 generators on one common design. Allowing for 4 individual outputs to support 4 separate power requirements if needed, or combined to create a single source system.


Let’s look at financial facts of this Be-Wind product and its application:

  • For Government, Business, and Personal Use:
  1. The use of the Be-Wind product placates the cost for electrical power over the course of time paying for the unit or the multiple unit park grid itself for private or commercial application; now ongoing power use is at no cost to consumer, and your self-sufficient energy source is at no cost to owner recouping initial investment into the Be-Wind product generator system and battery bank.
  2. The Be-Wind battery banks full of charge on a daily basis, constantly re-charging as electrical energy is used, the overflow is sold back into the grid system of the local power company, making a profit to the source of that overflow, making the owner of the Be-Wind product a profit overall on a daily basis, further placating cost of unit or units, and installation.
  3. The owner of the Be-Wind has diminished the overall “Greenhouse” effect of his or her own energy consumption for home or business, reducing the carbon dependency of the power grid of your physical location, making this a federal tax deductible product on a yearly basis tax return for personal as well as business.
  4. Upon installation, for said federal tax year, a 30% credit against all installation costs is credited to owner income tax liability. When all is said and done, add all costs for install including Be-Wind products, contractor installation, etc., take 30% of said total amount, and deduct from federal tax liability for said year.  Individual state tax liability is per state allowance guidelines, please check with your accountant for individual state tax credit for Be-Wind products usage.  Income tax credit takes the sting out of the cost of installing a carbon saving energy system for personal or business, and makes outlay expense much more agreeable. 
  5. For practical applications for existing or new home, business, or municipal construction, the Be-Wind product line is perfect for outlying rural areas without proper grid power lines installed, and can be used for municipal or private use for safety lighting at night in lighting bridges, schools, parks and recreation, for parking lots, boat ramps, etc.  Think of outlying night lighting for municipal and private bridges mainland and island.  In the interior, for rural ranches and farmhouses with barns and sheds, corals, fences, roads leading in and out of rural areas where local power companies have to install power feed to the location at the cost to property owner or municipality.  The use of Be-Wind will cut on local taxation for public utilities, reducing local municipal overall public costs plus the above benefits as listed above applied to counties and state costs for public utilities.  Reduce your carbon footprint is the future, and the solution to the problem is available now by and through Be-Wind.
  6. APPLICATION as noted above, is the key to the Be-Wind product line.  Knowing what application you are using for, our designers can customize your Be-Wind product to accomplish the required task. Please inquire and know what you wish to use for, and let us design the proper wind generator system for you.  From a  purely decorative use with the LED lighting available in different colored lighting as shown herein in blue, use to individual exterior design using red, green, orange, purple, etc., or simple brilliant white for the most illumination for personal and public safety, again totally custom built to your specific requirements for home, business, or public works.  Let B-Wind be your partner in lighting and energy consumption.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Contact me today to help you create a self sufficient energy source!  Pricing and licensed contractor installation appointments upon request. all local permits inclusive.  Please call with any questions, and add to our planets preservation by not using any outdated fossil fuel burning energy source.  This is the future, Be-Wind will take us to a better tomorrow converting our energy needs to a regenerating venue.  Instead of consequences for our actions resulting in climate change and global warming, use the natural atmosphere as the solution.  We all can help preserve for our children what we take so much for granted.

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