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The story of Van Der Heijden Yachts starts in 1993 when Ronald Van Der Heijden terminates his job as propulsion engineer at the Royal Dutch Navy to start his yard for luxury yachts. Since then this still privately owned yard created an impressing track record of building over 400 yachts for satisfied clients all over the world.


Distinctive of VDH Yachts is the synergy of practical experience and expert knowledge that results in an unparalleled performance. Added up with a leading state-of-art styling, VDH will deliver you a custom or semi-custom yacht that is truly different from anything else and which meets the highest of standards. VDH Yachts will make you the biggest promise of a custom, quality vessel manufacturing shipyard, and keeps it. This is how we stay one decisive step ahead.




As noted, in the mid-nineteen nineties, a young and passionate entrepreneur Ronald VanDerHeijden made a life-changing decision to create a personal dream come true that would manifest his own life and creative spirit founding  a modern shipyard where he would build luxury yachts to his ultimate degree of meticulous consciousness that exists in his own mind’s eye.  During his formative years in the Royal Dutch Navy, he acquired  technical proficiency on vessel systems, design, and overall knowledge of the brutal hazards of the sea and their solutions, honing on the job common sailor-sea-know-how that would govern his whole life through in career and and lifestyle.


From that humble beginning, it was not long before his first yacht caught the seas crest, cut the waves and swells, to the degree of safety and quality that make this shipyard one that rests at the top of any sea no matter weather conditions or currents.  The strength of welded steel and aluminum construction became the preferred company building component materials of choice.  The Dutch shipbuilding heritage that had been honed for centuries against the unpredictable and and often tragically angry North Sea, became their nemesis for design challenge, to which their development of the VDH Shipyard rose to the challenge. In the years following, it did not take long for his passions in design and safety grew into one of the most respected shipyards of the modern Dutch manned shipbuilding arena in the Netherlands.


Today, the local born and bred craftsmen of VDH Shipyard are team oriented and have built more than 400 luxury yachts in Aluminum/Steel welded and Composite formats for clients all over Europe and now the world, with YachtEZ Import And Export having opened the market in the USA with the sale of the first VDH 52- Commuter imported to its shores in Miami, FL.

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The VDH-Shipyard is one of the most modern aluminum vessel manufacturing yards in not only Europe, but the world, opening to  the key of success in the reputation of the customer always comes first, like founder Ronald VanDerHeijden, his vision is able to reach perfection in design and production…. needless to say, to realize his or her dream, VDH will do anything within safety standards and engineering bounds to make your’s come true to life on the water of choice anywhere on the planet.  That is the Dutch, and their vow to their clients, simply put, always realized and always delivered.

The following pages will show the 2016/17 VDH model range with styles and design for size and hull configuration to begin your journey to real custom luxury yacht manufacturing with Dutch flair and real hands-on manufacturing capability.  Close your eyes and think of the most defined and meticulous artistic quality of a Vermeer painting, each minute detail hand painted to ULTIMATE reality… now open your eyes and feast on the yacht of your dreams, made for you in the same Dutch meticulous manner and quality of design, execution and completion as their artist history.  From the smaller  DYNAMIC DELUXE RANGE 1500, and the SUPER EXCLUSIVE DELUXE 1500[shown on Home Page], 1700, 2100 Upper Station with pilothouse, to the next SUPERIOR LUXURY FLYBRIDGE RANGE  2000, 2400, 2500, to the ALUMINUM/STEEL ULTIMATE RANGE 2700 and 3200 Megayacht “ultimate.”


READ ON….. let your artistic passions swell and let explosively release….. VDH, the spice of Netherlands yacht building to say the least…. I know every time my travels take me to Amsterdam, I long to go back and never forget each and every experience…. well, within reason.

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