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YachtEZ offers access to easy parts availability and delivery for vessels of all makes and models by and through our marine partner Lewis Marine Supply and all of our manufacturing sources for more defined vessel parts as per factory model, year, and size available only from factory.


Please have access to the Lewis Marine 2017/18 Catalogue:


Click On The Above Image
To View The 2017 Catalog

…then select your parts to order, fill out our order form at bottom of YachtEZ page putting in part number and page number for exact match in ordering, choose method of payment and download Credit Card Authorization form, and order for your boat… that easy.  You choose your form of delivery, just click the shipping method and arrives direct from warehouse to your home port or office.


Since this is a wholesale distributor trade only source, send us your list and we will put through our account and have delivered straight to your boat home port, or to a preferred specified address.  Billing will be by credit card, please download Credit Card Authorization form below:




We at YachtEZ makes this simple and easy, and keep your boat on the water with less downtime that is so valuable to the lifestyle we live on the water.


As noted above, for any specified parts from particular manufacturer supplied only from factory source, please list the items needed by vessel manufacturer, vessel model, model year, and part description, on the form below and we will find and get for you.  Emailed photos are always a plus.


Buona Fortuna,

Mark Gianassi


Managing Director/Broker Of Record

YachtEZ Import LLC – Domestic

YachtEZ Import And Export LLC – International