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We at YachtEZ only offer the best in service for our owners, clients, and the marine public in general, with our tried and proven recommendations to our fellow boaters and the public.  The internet is a funny thing in that advertising is advertising, nothing is a given until tried, but we being in the industry from building to buying and selling, only recommend excellence in service and dependability from our having tried and proven the businesses who we choose to recommend. JUNIORS MARINE TRANSPORT is one of them.  If you want it done right day or night with depedability at the right price, call our office for booking.


JUNIORS MARINE TRANSPORT is one that over the years of our use, has never provided other the best and most reliable service for our clients and us as a business. If you need vessel, engines, parts transported, JUNIORS has their own trailer stable if needed, and a fleet of trucks that can go anywhere.  If you are going to move precious cargo, then trust this valued and selected confidant of YachtEZ for decades.  We arrange all interstate transport permits, private escorts, sheriffs or highway patrol when and where legally necessary, loading and unloading at point of departure and receipt…. we do it all.

If you want something moved, then call JUNIORS or we can make all arrangements through our office giving you our YachtEZ GUARANTEE of service satisfaction. Please check with our office to get in writing what we mean when we say “…OUR GUARANTEE.” Please fill in the form below and one of our schedulaing staff will contact you for details. One thing we can say from a course of years of transport service…..You will be pleased. We didn’t get our company motto from sitting on our hands….”ANYTHING, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME” ….. that says it all.