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unspecified-2WATCH US … as we move to the next level, a level few boat builders achieve.  The new BLACKWATER 43 Sportfish is one beautiful custom center console with some innovative ideas and superior construction techniques to herald her introduction to symphonies of fish waiting to be caught!  The fit and finish is truly fitting to the extreme calibration for a low volume real custom boat and it shines everywhere you look to say the least about this gem.  She is NOW the flagship of the line.


The BLACKWATER 43 Center was designed from scratch and totally rethought when it came to thinking a conventional building format.

resizedcroppedBLACKWATER43BOWportprofile IMG_3894RESIZEDcroppedBLACKWATER43starbBOW

One look at the arrow straight hull sides and fit of the cap, right down to the no visible fasteners shows how much time and thought went into her.  Places where other builders scrimp aned cut corners were all addressed with utmost attention to solving what others take for granted and overlook.  There are backing plates glassed into the hull where all screws that attached hinges, doors, hardtop, leaning post console, are all threaded into, even the backing washers on the parts, look at how thick the transom is and it is even back-filled with Ceramic just like the larger, huge yachts are built.



The boat is 100% Vinylester resin, full fiberglass bottom and corecell sides and fully vacuum bagged.  Look at the Stainless plate transom cover and also the individual stainless plates for each engine.  Designed and incorporated purely for strength and the integrity of the performance curve she will put out.  We used a forward thinking process, triangular shaped stringer and bulkhead system with integrated rig tubes because triangles are the strongest shapes.  The boat is 100% glassed and bonded everywhere.  The wells and inserts into the stringer system for fish boxes and storage are foamed in for complete insulation and then they are glassed into the grid as well.  The bow coffin fishbox has direct gravity drain or by using the macerator pump quick and clean draw, the BLACKWATER 43 Tournament edition is the epitome of a marine fishing machine.  BLACKWATER spent three months test fitting the upper half until designers reached a perfect fit instead of finished with raised logos and rubber gasketed to keep water out as other center console manufacturers do.

Watch us build her,  no other manufacturer will put up the build photos for the first boat for everyone to see…nobody but a confident builder like BLACKWATER who knows what they do, know the quality from 800-galleon capacity fuel tanks to the solid stinger system, to the rigging, knowing what they build…and WILL deliver… do this as an open door policy to show the world online or anytime our policy of “come in the front door,” to show what we do:

resizedcroppedBLACKWATER43hullSTINGERS 43 IMG_3890

Step on the rock solid deck and you will immediately understand the safety of the BLACKWATER 43 on any angry sea.


The underside of all hatches are finished with raised BLACKWATER company logos, FINISHED…like everything else on a BLACKWATER model line.  Every hatch is guttered and gasket sealed for easy wash down and cleanup, look at the stainless valves in the immaculately clean bilge of any BLACKWATER… that tells you from the beginning the quality you get from a BLACKWATER, second next to none.  With the BLACKWATER 43 Tournament Edition, you get as stated, a bountiful 800-gallons of fuel, enough to get to most any fishing bed there and back in direct ultimate speed and sea-keeping ability to shock any angler on the make for that elusive catch he’s been hunting for.



Again, finished details on a BLACKWATER are like no other builder.  As with all of our other BLACKWATER model line, details for how nicely the windscreen is integrated into the console and hardtop custom pipe work, is not an afterthought, but a design that was aforethought, designed into the overall conception thru delivery as this photo collage of the first build will show.  When designing a boat, only the builder knowing the stress and ultimate potential damage to a performance SportFish at the beginning under the scrutiny of  and as only a masterful boat builder’s decision can deliver.  A custom boat build is not hurried as a production 200-boat per year assembly line boat is to finish the deal and wave “goodbye” from the dock… cookie-crumb alike.  Real quality has a very profound way of being understood very quickly by an owner who has been in that position more than once.  Where would you like to be as an owner?


Decking in boat building is like harvesting in wine making, a day of joyous union of hull and deck, the continuing of the creative process, joining conception to reality, seeing it it fits so to speak!!


Decked and powered as the engine outline drawing on her transom for engines placement, she is designed for quad MERCURY 400hp VERADO Racing, she will fly like the winged “MONSTER-FISHING-MACHINE” from seaman’s tall tales she was designed to be!  On the circuit, to say the very least, she will be the tournament boat to contend with, and we know from CoCo her creator and builder, she is not coming in second … not EVER.  With 800-gallons of fuel, she is pure performance and will be an all day before dawn to after sunset fishing event experience, covering miles and miles galore to and from spanning everything in between…she’s got the range and the speed to spin circles around the rest.


As with all of our other representation, YachtEZ only recommends and uses TWIN MARINE Custom Boat Interiors of Miami… simply the BEST, and BLACKWATER Boats, uses no one else.

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.. that as a the premier boat interior manufacturer, you only use premier interior and exterior fabrics shows from the beginning the quality you intend to deliver.  Highest rating UV-protection so that the sun, which we all know the villainous side of in the hot Florida sun, does minimal damage when used by an avid boater who watches the sun come up in the morning, and comes in after dark.  Family hand stitching using only the meticulous, slow, and old world stitching process by sowing with hand’s on accuracy only sowing by-hand-seamstress  magic that seems show the quality in their diamond stitching patterns, covering seriously sculpted closed-foam filler content… there is no one better, and that is part of the reason for our sought after vessel design and manufacturing old-school skillful process spelling only success.

2WHOLEcroppedFORWARDSUNPADS2014-02-20 08.22.36-31

BLACKWATER Boats offers the finest quality in performance, and overall owner comfort and design creature comforts in finish.  We only use premium interior and exterior covering and custom molded foam cushions for the longest lasting and looking. providing the foremost for creature comfort in the cockpit, helm, interior, and overall guest seating throughout our BLACKWATER Boats line.

The sleek hull design will knife through water like a hot knife through butter, through the seas and the pad bottom design will let you get to the high 60’s with triple 350 horsepower rigging, 70’s with quad 350hp  power.  Mastering speeds and fuel efficiency coming into the same performance parameter and plateau as a step bottom hull is based on BLACKWATER’s  proficiency in weight distribution and water surface tension design utilyzing the shallow draft of their straight flat bottom deep V planing 24-degree deadrise performance hull.  The sleek hull design will knife through the seas and the pad bottom design will let you get into the 60’s with triple 350’s horsepower, 70’s with the quad 350’s power, speeds and fuel efficiency with the sea-keeping ability in her handlaid fiberglass hull’s weight and stability from her inherent pad bottom design, that rivals step bottom hulls.  With this, she has a soft, fast ride that is dry, dry… dry.

Speaking of noise, hit the sides of the boat with your fists, the insides of all well and fishboxes, hit anything on the boat you want, it is all rock solid.  That translates to no banging and drumming noises running, no flex and the billet construction feel.  Run her hard, run her soft, but she is rock solid everywhere and there is no way around the peace of mind in that confidence in safety for you and your guests.  We build ocean faring boats like we are taking our grandchildren out for a Sunday ride on a lake…. safe, rock solid, fast to and from, going out and…. coming home with a smile and a full catch.

Anything else need be said?

Read on, we designed the boat for the fisherman, but it is loaded with some innovative creature comforts for the family like forward  seating and even a usable cabin in the Center Console that can sleep 4 with an optional generator and air conditioning.  There is an optional second row of seating at the helm so everyone gets a great seat during rougher water excursions, work counter and slide out cooler with rear facing cushion, optional rear seating, and an oversize hardtop for protection from the elements.  The console has a sunbed/lounge in front to further the entrance to the bgoating experience, There is an optional dive door for even more convenience.  Yet, if you are a pure fisherman, the BLACKWATER 43 can be ordered with no forward seating and maximum deck space… you choose, what you want, you get.


Each BLACKWATER line of boats can all be completely custom done from hull color to a  choice of engines.. twin, triple, or quad MERCURY or YAMAHA, the same goes for electronics … you pick it, we put it in.  The pride and flagship  of our line as noted, the BLACKWATER 43 can have triple or quad installation, or even twin or triple SEVEN7Marine 627hp engines for a screamer!

MERCURY400hpx4CROPPEDresizedSEVEN7MARINE blue IMG_0962blackwater-logo_