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by and through our company manufacturer of choice:


since 1959 

Welcome To Rocket Trailers, Corp:



A Trailer for Life.

Our vision is to build the best trailer in the market. Bar none.

Rocket Trailers has been serving the marine industry for over 50 years. Our company manufactures aluminum trailers are sold privately factory direct from our location here in South Florida and to dealers in the United States and around the world. We make distinct boat trailers that are and always will be the “ROCKET” brand and aim to satisfy the needs of our clients on a custom basis 100%.



The “ROCKET”-our luxury trailer line, photo above with 2016 DEEP IMPACT 360 is standard as shown with bow stop, brakes, and LED-Lighting waterproof. ROCKET’s I-beams can be ordered with the anodized option for increased corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and ever-lasting shine, but is an option and not standard. ROCKET’s also come as standard with an industry-first aluminum winch stand, aluminum bow guide, and aluminum tongue. Stainless steel hardware, aluminum wheels, LED lights are among other premium features that come standard with every ROCKET.

We have one of the largest and most internationally diverse DEALER NETWORKS in the industry. With our top-of-the-line aluminum trailers and first-class service, we have set a new standard for the trailer industry. We take pride in our long legacy, and we hope you become part of it too.

Serving SouthEast Florida from our manufacturing facility in Miami, FL, we truly have the local boat market covered.  That, by and through YachtEZ, will offer through their national and international office base, full global distributing. Remembering, we are still a family-owned and operated company, placing the utmost importance on customer satisfaction no matter how large we grow, we are still and always will be that local “mom-and-pop” family run business that exists because of absolute attention to detail and customer service.

As a growing business in our reputation and our service, we are a dealer-based, wholesale manufacturer of aluminum trailers for boats, cars, motorcyles, and machinery. The boat trailer models that we manufacture include: pontoon trailers, sailboat trailers, personal watercraft trailers, skiff trailers and CAT trailers. We also manufacture custom boat trailers for Deep “V” Perfomance Hull Models [2016 DEEP IMPACT 360 pictured above].

In addition to the wide range of trailers we manufacture, we also offer a complete selection of trailer parts and trailer repair services. A short list of our vendors and products include: Knott A Auto Flex and DEXTER at 800-10,000-lb capacity torsion axles, Tredit tires and wheels, Kodiak disk brakes, Techniq and Jammy submersible taillights, and Dutton-Lainson winches and jacks.

Our services include: Maintenance for hubs and bearings, custom welding jobs, tire and wheel installation, replacing springs, hardware replacement upgrades, and general trailer maintenance issues.

ROCKET Trailers Corp is direct sales open to the public for all of your parts and service needs! If not local, please check out our dealers page for the most convenient location for your next trailer purchase, or use convenient YachtEZ Import And Export that ships national and international from their south Florida location.  Since YachtEZ is factory direct for new boat sales as well as a full brokerage house, when outfitting a custom trailer for any trailerable boat sold, they are quick easy, and very cost effective for direct factory order and delivery!

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To Order Call:
+954 767 8855
(Toll Free) 1-888-728-2474
Fax: 954 337 3883

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice
Shipping Costs Are Quoted Separate.

Florida Law Requires Brakes On All Wheels
For Trailers Grossing 3000 Lbs. Or More.
Any Customer Or Dealer Requesting Any Variance From The Law
Assumes All Responsibility.


From the smallest to the largest over-the-road-boat-transport, YachtEZ and ROCKET Marine Trailers will build from Aluminum “I-Beam” construction with the most modern of safety equipment for all legal state requirements for vessel transport between and over state lines and for export.

Now that brakes are required on any trailer transporting a boat over the weight of 3000-lbs, ROCKET TRAILERS uses only the best components, and we recommend them beyond any other manufacturer for their attention to detail and their customer service in standing behind what they build.

With bright all weather LED Lighting, Brakes on all Axles, Forward Boat-Stop with Winch, and heavy duty custom trailer hitch assembly, at a fraction of the cost of competition, we will build a custom trailer specifically to your boat needs.


Even though more cost effective than our competition, all we do to make our cost more cost effective to the consumer is to take the middleman out of the equation and let you buy direct from us as the manufacturing source.  No cuts on quality components are a part of this savings, rather bulk purchase capability and our own salaried crew building, makes for a better product at a cost that is definitely worth the effort of comparing.  So, before you buy, call us and give us vessel dimensions and weight, and let us make your day.


Whether you need a new trailer for your new boat, or an existing trailer fit modification on your old trailer for your new boat, our techs will be more than happy to assist you in the proper and safe fit for loading, transport, and launching for your boat and trailer.  If your old trailer will just not work for your new boat, then please let us take the trailer and either give you credit against a new one, or sell outright for you.

Please call with any questions, we all agree that boating needs to be safe for all, and there is no exception for overland safety, so let us get things ready and finished for your boating season, safe and secure.

As we noted at every turn, fill out the form below and submit with any photos by email for the quickest and most complete service we can offer.  It is time to get boating, and this is one final step in the overland transport of your vessel that cannot be overlooked for a safe and fun boating holiday.  We look forward to hearing from you.


WE DO NOT BUY USED TRAILERSbut do take on consignment and will offer for sale on our marketing venues including online, so that buyers that want or require a trailer for their new or pre-loved boat acquisition can look for a more cost effective solution to their vessel purchase, will  have access to our inventory.  If you are buying a new trailer, we can adjust new trailer cost reflective on value of your existing trailer, so let’s talk and see where we can go with it, nothing is impossible in boating within reason, and we are here to make deals happen.