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The Revolutionary DRYBOAT® Process

In it’s simplest form, we use a capillary action to dry the affected area(s) while maintaining the structural integrity of the vessel. Using this simple formula, DRYBOAT® is able to address elevated moisture issues in stringers, transoms, decks, bottoms, sides, gunnels, and any other cored area on your vessel.

There’s a better way…

The traditional cure for wet core repair is very destructive and compromises the designed integrity of your vessel. The laminate is removed above or below the core, the wet core is removed and replaced, and finally the laminate is replaced. This is a nasty, costly job and rarely produces a product that is as good as the original. It is impossible to achieve a fiberglass bond as good as the original and very difficult to make the repair look as good as the original. Whether the problem is wet stringers, wet decks, wet transom, wet hull bottoms or wet hull sides, all of the same issues apply. DRYBOAT® is the non-destructive solution to this problem.

Compare the Difference

Here’s what DRYBOAT®‘s satisfied customers are saying:


Josh VanHowe, Coral Gable Yacht Brokerage


“I was involved on the first vessel DRYBOAT® was ever used on back in 2004. This boat was sold after using the process to dry out wet stringers and some coring. I just sold this same boat again, 10 years later, and it passed survey with flying colors”

Service Manager of the largest manufacturer of pleasure boats and preeminent bridge yachts

Familiar with the DRYBOAT® process since 2011.

“The DRYBOAT® drying system is superior and far more efficient than anything we have developed ourselves. I refer our dealers and boat owners to DRYBOAT® whenever they have elevated moisture issues ”

David L. Boersema

SAMS Surveyor

“I recently did a pre-buy survey on a 43’ Portofino that the DRYBOAT® process was used on back in 2006. The only areas showing elevated moisture were areas DRYBOAT® did NOT service back in 2006.”

Don Gorkee

West Coast

1998 37’ Trojan, utilized DRYBOAT® for wet stringers in 2011

“Very professional, boat just surveyed dry during sale. You were referred to me by a friend who was also very happy with your service”

Marina Manager

Southern US

“DRYBOAT® performed their services at our facility on a 54′ Hatteras. Both sides were wet and blistered. The core was Divinycell (foam core). We were amazed, and customer was ecstactic with the success of DRYBOAT®.”

Dan Gay


2003 Four Winns Vista Cruiser utilized DRYBOAT® for wet stringers in 2014

“Cost me one-third of the lowest estimate I received to cut out and replace. Very happy with the (short) time it took and the cost savings”

Richard Meyer


2003 42 ft Sea Ray utilized DRYBOAT® for wet stringers, transom, sides and bottom done in 2010.

“You can use me as a reference anytime, DRYBOAT® took a couple of months and the builder took care of the finish work under warranty, total of three months.”

Timothy Dry

SAMS Surveyor

“I always try to let customers know DRYBOAT® may be viable alternative. I was recently the surveyor on a buy/sell and if DRYBOAT® had not been used to dry out the stringers, deck and part of the transom, the vessel might have been scrapped. That would have been a shame because it was a beautiful 1984 Viking that had a ton of character and was mechanically sound.”

This boat was splashed in summer of 2013 and utilized by current owner since that time.

Geoffrey Groman

Eastern Seaboard

34’ 1999 Pursuit Express utilized DRYBOAT® for sides, deck, transom, bow areas in 2013

“I am very happy with the results. (DRYBOAT®) stands by their work. I highly recommend them”.

This boat has since passed survey and sold.

Yacht Broker, Bradford Marine Sales

Southern US

“I was involved in the sale of an 80 foot motor yacht a few years ago and we found high moistures readings in the core. The core was foam not balsa. DRYBOAT® was contracted to dry the core. A marine surveyor oversaw the project and the moisture readings showed a big improvement. When the boat was splashed again the surveyor said the hull should be good for another 30 years.”


One side of property surrounded by high iron fence (photos above), the other by a 12-slip fully occupied marina dockage, so your vessel is very safe and sound for the duration of the drying process as seen in the photo collage below:
When you are confronted with water in your hull, please call our office to arrange an onsite DRYBOAT inpsection and mapping of your vessel hull as shown in the photos where BLUE “X-ed” tape is area that is wet and regarded as entry of water intrusion.  The GREEN tape is area marked as having wet interior sleeve core area and will be areas drilled into by our capable staff to provide entrance and exit areas for dry air fan to blow dry air into core interior of hull.  This process forcing water out exiting holes after passing through tubing and forcing water out, fully drying interior cored part of hull from being a wet sponge to a dry one, no physical intrusion exxposing hull wall enterior and hull surgery necessary besides the drilling of the holes into only the vessel hull core.
Our YachtEZ Staff of technicians will have all exposed area holes filled and will provide matching gelcoat repair, all as part of our quotation to owner so there are no surprises, all as part of our invoiced deal to repair your vessel.  Trailer if necessary is provided, again as part of our quote to vessel owner or captain.
To begin process, please fill in the below contact and vessel information form and send to our office so that we can prepare your vessel repair quote.