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All the adventures you dreamed……. OF


… NOW await your discovery at VDH  in perfect long range comfort, safety, and style.  Sailing the oceans with complete peace of mind.  At VDH we combine all our shipbuilding knowledge into creating the perfect oceangoing yacht for you. The EXPLORER makes you feel confident when crossing the Atlantic due to the superb sailing characteristics, using European shipbuilding classification of circumnavigation modern technology and design.  Rated as a CLASS “A” circumnavigational vessel rated for sale and use over 200-miles offshore with fuel enough to cross the Atlantic, with refueling crossing the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and all our planetary seas worldwide, there is no place this VDH can’t go.

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Let your ship not limit your dreams. With the EXPLORER all the adventures you dreamed about can become reality. A sturdy hull of the highest grade premium steel takes you to the most beautiful spots, whether it is the Caribbean or Arctic. Does adventuring and ocean research need to be primitive? Of course not! The EXPLORER has all the luxury on board you may expect from a VDH yacht. Start exploring now…



  • Designed on CE classification “A,” Ocean-Going             
  • Hull made of the highest quality steel
  • Fit for transatlantic or long range journeys


Trust is what this ship will give you

The VDH EXPLORER is the ultimate ship for longer journeys. Its multi-chined hull is designed for superb stability and seaworthiness in calm as well as adverse sea conditions . That gives it the safety and sailing comfort the owner requires. That’s what the VDH EXPLORER excels at.



The design of the EXPLORER is impressive. It is made to perform in the harshest conditions and to take you to the places that you always wanted to go and see…. Without limitations. A spacious flying bridge gives you a good overview of your ship, while the covered gangways shelter you in bad weather conditions. Looking out over the endless ocean from the warmth of the wheelhouse, while enjoying a strong cup of coffee. Knowing that your EXPLORER will take you anywhere. That trust is what this ship will give you. 

  • Multi-chined hull with Dutch welded steel and aluminum strength against any sea condition
  • Designed with centuries of Dutch ship building experience
  • Low fuel consumption



Custom constructed to fit to your requirements perfectly from concept, design, to welded perfection.

The use of the EXPLORER varies with every owner. We therefore carefully listen to you in order to make the EXPLORER fit your requirements perfectly. And we seek to do even more than that.

When using the EXPLORER for longer stays, requirements differ from owner to owner. Even living permanently on the EXPLORER is not uncommon. We always do our utmost to make it the crew as comfortable as possible. Do not expect less from us, as we are experienced in customizing our models to your liking. That is why you choose VDH.

  • Motorisation and installation upon customers’ wishes
  • More interior styles possible


Comfortable and familiar

With a length of 75 feet, the EXPLORER accommodates much in terms of crew and comfort. The spaciousness of the interior facilitates many layout options. VDH eagerly advises you in creating your perfect LASTING home on the water with no boundries or limitations of distance, sea-keeping ability, and safety through ultimate strength in design and construction.  Dutch shipbuilding at its finest.


When taking the EXPLORER on long journeys, it becomes your home. Especially then, the interior needs to feel comfortable and familiar. Using the right materials, and having optimal ergonomics is what VDH is renowned for. The EXPLORER therefore truly is the result of superb design, ultimately serving you and your highest demands.

  • Up to 12 berths
  • Fit for year-round residence anywhere on the planet



Receive our standard brochure of the Vanderheijden VDH EXPLORER.

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