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Now that we have light at the end of the tunnel of the devastating 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic cancellations of our livelihood in boat shows, factory sea-trials, and overall sales and closings of our livelihood in boats, we can look forward to relative immunization of the virus with the delivery of the preventative vaccine being distributed nationwide if you believe everything you are told?  Now YachtEZ Group is providing the interior volume solution

The delivery of a preventative vaccine for everyone is a first step at eradication of this insult to humanity, on a world scale but we need to understand the virus is still within and all around us.

YachtEZ Group is now offering YACHT SANITIZE a the Yacht Sanitizing system of OZONE SANITATION disinfection and penetration for the complete eradication of all virus related infection from surface contact on any boat, car, medical facility, office, or home.  This system eliminates any virus, mold, or related odor within interior perimeter.  Owners know we sanitize in advance of boarding or entry, any hazardous infectious virus.  We offer this to any boat owner, any Central Listing Broker with authority to sanitize their boat at the show or surrounding area from February 25-28, 2021, for the boat show special of $295 per application.

Your question obviously is: What is OZONE and how does it work:

OZONE is a colorless natural gas composed of trivalent oxygen (O3) found in nature.

Most commonly known for the protective layer surrounding out planet protecting from radiation, incoming foreign articles from space to our planet surface, It is a 100% Natural powerful bactericide tht dissolves bacteria, mold, viruses, and odors safely and organically.  OZONE has a further effectiveness with the YACHT SANITIZE System in that these proven results are achieved without the use of harsh chemicals that often create allergies, rashes, asthma attacks, and other harmful lingering issues.  OZONE has further effectiveness with the Yacht Sanitizing System, that reaches not only air and surfaces, but penetrates into cracks, hard to reach areas above and under, and air-condition systems penetration all with the Ecological no harmful system which requires no outside supplies, chemicals, all with this all inclusive volume treatment:



Please review the attached information for pricing, sizes of units, plans to lease, purchase, or to schedule a private PROCEDURE appointment at your boat before, during, or after the show.  We will honor show pricing with appointment from show.

Please hit the following links for a complete demonstration and explanation of immediate interior space benefits:

School testimonial video

Nursing Home

Medical Practice

Please call our office for an  appointment, as easy as a telephone call, email, or visit Palm Beach Boat Show, March 25-28, 2021 2021-Booth #320

Let 2021 be a better and healthier year ongoing, let’s get back to our normal, not the new normal we all have been plagued with… YachtEZ Group endorses this process and fully recommends for our client’s Yacht, Home,  Jet, Plane, Boats, Cars, etc…. anywhere you are at, to be safe and without COVID-19 or any other virus from planet earth.  Remember, the OZONE surrounding our planet at the highest point of our atmosphere protects life on earth, the same principal is available right here right now personally.

Contact YACHT SANITIZE @OFF: +954.767.8855 / MOB:+954.993.7931