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GUSSI Italia Performance Marine Steering Wheel [silver spokes]

Gussi Italia

Gussi Italia create and produce luxury and utilitarian interior accessories for boats and cruisers. Creating excellence using the highest quality materials, finishes, technology and design applied with great skill to our extensive marine product range.

Design & Technology

We ceaselessly search for the latest technological advances to guarantee our products always enhance their use and implemantation. Comprehensive research ensures we bring together innovative technologies and sophisticated construction which is reflected in our distintinctive design features and reinforced by quality Made in Italy.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Ibex Innovation award winner 2013Gussi Italia deliver products born of fine craftsmanship inspired by a continuous quest for high performance. The fusion between technological innovation and refined artisanship distinguish Gussi Italia making our products the intelligent choice for all of your marine interior needs.
Quality Mission Statement


Making accessories that are necessities, making them as only Italian designers and craftsmen can do.  Take for instance the design and quality of the necessary STEERING WHEEL, or the safety of a simple “GRAB HANDLE” neither that is not so simple at all on the water when needed, safety first, design to the finest:

Gussi Italia offers quality interior accessories that compliment all marine styles, ranging from steering wheels and elegant safety grab handles to throttle knobs and dash panels which suit both leisure and commercial marine vessels.

Know how & Customer care

Combining sophisticated aesthetics and quality materials, that ensure high resistance to weathering, our technical knowledge and exceptional customer service strive to exceed consumer expectations delivering the service you deserve.

GUSSI Italia Performance Marine Steering Wheel [blue spokes]

GUSSI Italia Performance Marine Steering Wheel [chrome spokes]

GUSSI Italia Performance Marine Steering Wheel [orange spokes]

For more information on new products or to order direct, please fill in the below inquiry form and  we will respond with the most up to date information and product availability.  Through our offices in Italia, we order direct from factory source for best price, and now that the conversion rate from USD to EURO is so close, there is no better way or faster way to get the best of the best from Italia.

Dash panels

Gussi Italia dash panels are conceived by Italian designers, engineered and manufactured in Italy by employing genuine Italian components and technologies according to a strict quality management regime.

Made in Italy

Nothing else need be said…… Fine woods, stainless steel, polished aluminum, chrome, leather or soft touch molded polyurethane are examples of the quality materials that go into crafting some of the extraordinary Gussi Italia dash panels.