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The DYNAMIC DELUXE Model Range 1500, 1700, and 2100 visionary sizes balances elegance and knowledge, without sacrificing one for the other.  The result is a motoryacht that is highly innovative both in terms of her specifications and design.  Opposite to what one would expect of a steel yacht of this dimension, like most VDH designs, the use of the most durable megayacht building materials used in a yacht of much smaller size but with the grandeur, nature, and formidable dominant presence of a megayacht in design and execution.   The DYNAMIC DELUXE has a semi-displacement hull, which guarantees an incredible top rated speed for her steel construction displacement footprint on the water.  

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The fully flared bow and curvaceous lines give the yacht and exclusive yet classical appearance gliding through the waves and swells of any sea, any current, the strength of her design and construction nonyielding so very evident in the safety to her owners, crew, and passengers well being on the water,  The unique construction lives up to the highest standards of Dutch ship building and yachting industry in the Netherlands, and assures a comfortable ride on inland waters as well as any sea or ocean.


There is on better way to see the integrity of the construction than to be at the yard to see the design from paper and 3-D drawings come to life with the skeletal construction of the ribs and stringers of the support structure of the hull and superstructure come to life before you.  When at sea, knowing what is beneath you and is what brings you and your family home.  As we have intimated, the Dutch have been the shipbuilding source for centuries and who helped colonize the world with their wooden ships, so who better than to take modern shipbuilding to the next level?

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Comfort, style, and state of the art control, the Dutch still know how to do it, and deliver.


We at VDH Yachts and YachtEZ look forward to your inquiry and our arranging a tour of our facilities and shipyard, that is the key to decision, is seeing, touching, and feeling for yourself what to expect.  Ideas are a beginning, it is our job to make your dreams a reality.  Remember, fantasies are the foundation of conception, quality in execution and delivery is what separates an accomplished shipyard of historical background and foundation from those that are talk.

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