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As noted, YachtEZ only recommends the best products regardless of manufacturer, and in the case of onboard installed surveillance cameras, we recommend RAYMARINE for the confidence of uninterrupted performance at sea when results mean the difference  between safety and …. well, there is no other choice, failure is not an option on the high seas.

Marine Cameras

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Raymarine Visible Light Marine Cameras

Visible light marine cameras offer an affordable marine CCTV solution. They perform well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Simply plug and play with any compatible Raymarine multifunction display (analogue cameras require a BNC composite video input connector) to create your onboard video observation system.

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Find out more about the CAM210 | Raymarine

Day & Night Marine Camera

Ruggedised, High Definition, Day and Night network bullet video camera suitable for all above deck applications. Integrated sun-cover for maximum visibility and small frame size for easy installation anywhere on the boat.

Video Output: IP


Find out more about the CAM220 | Raymarine

Day & Night Marine Camera

Ruggedised, High Definition, Day and Night network dome video camera suitable for above or below deck applications. Dome design provides all round selected viability whilst the small frame size allows for rapid installation.

Video Output: IP


Find out more about the CAM50 | Raymarine

Interior Marine Camera

The Raymarine CAM50 marine CCTV camera is perfect for interior installations. It’s unobtrusive dome design is ideal for mounting in the saloon, wheel house or engine room.

Video Output: Analogue


Find out more about the CAM100 | Raymarine

Interior & Exterior Marine Camera

Improve docking safety by monitoring blind spots or keep track of the engine room and crew from the helm with the Raymarine CAM100 Closed Circuit day and night marine camera.

Video Output: Analogue


Find out more about the CAM200IP | Raymarine

Interior & Exterior marine camera

CAM200IP is a ruggedized, high-definition, day and night network video camera that instantly transforms any LightHouse II Multifunction Display into a powerful video observation system.

Video Output: IP


Equipping your boat properly with marine camera safety equipment will instill the confidence for yourself and your guests that all is safe day and night.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of sleeping on the open sea knows the value of having a good nights sleep that all will wake refreshed and ready for another challenging day on the open water for fun on the trip out, with assurance and confidence on your ship for the trip home.

Please fill out the form below with your boat type and model, what you wish to accomplish onboard with your custom surveillance system, and submit to our technical staff.  Your custom installation overview will be designed and returned to you for your consideration.