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                       DOMINATOR 640 –                            BECAUSE YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST.Dominator 640 Yacht layout, specific features and techniques

 This 20 meter long and five meter wide yacht represents the best of Made in Italy for handcraft production and details, like the style of the interior and exterior. The extended windshield and sleek lines of the superstructure Clearly show the personal inspiration of the designer Alberto Mancini originally coming from the field of sportscar design. The tremendous large windows clearly created the distinctive character of this yacht suffuse it with an extraordinary amount of light and becomes a pleasant feast for the eyes. Different details of the exterior sono stati are specifically designed to emphasize the living space of the yacht.

The Dominator 640 features a hydraulic bimini top, Which Can Also be a hard-top carbon on request. Additionally the yacht comes with a maneuvering joystick for performing every maneuver precisely only by moving the lever in the chosen direction.

The new thermal and night vision cameras are real lifesavers during night navigation perfectly reconstructing the environment as they rotate 360 ​​°. Furthermore, all the information and images can be viewed and processed in any smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the D640 is equipped with an AIS system for recognizing signals emitted, directions and speed from other motor and sailing yachts. New micro systems enabled the installation of 3G Wi-Fi connection in every room to reach the same comfort as in every luxury hotel.

The combination of the unique design and the perfect nautical engineering makes the Dominator 640 at That has no competition in its yacht range: Because the members of the exclusive circle Dominator only deserve the Best!