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Yacht CommandThe YACHT COMMAND Electronic control system combines your mechanical controls with a digital communication technology solution thereby providing a modular system, flexible, reliable, beautiful, durable, secure, safe, and easy to install.

The perfect system to easily convert boats with mechanical or hydraulic controls to an easy to use electronic control system. With the simple movement of your hand Yacht Command allows the operator to control the yacht providing gear shifting, throttle, warm up fuctions and synchronization with security and ease of use.

Yacht Command ControlsYACHT COMMAND follows the long history of our Yacht Controller brand of innovative, products, which make boating easier and provide a positive, safe alternative to the difficult shifting of mechanical and hydraulic controls. When coupled to a Yacht Controller wireless or Joystick system it provides the ultimate in safety and control of your yacht during the docking, manuvering and tying up process.

Yacht Command DiagramYacht Command is an excellent price performance replacement, update and upgrade of your mechanical controls with a full electronic control helm and when accompanied with Yacht Controller system will improve your yachting experience and your boat’s value with modern electronics.

Yacht Command Configuration

  • Electronic control system for fly by wire technology. Ergonomically designed with state of the art CANBUS technolgy and secure data transmission.
  • Easy to use waterproof touchpad keyboard LED visual control and start in gear lockout.
  • Feature polished stainless steel housing for durability, beauty and low maintainence.
  • Fast Start-up Mode Function.
  • Polished stainless steel housing.
  • Trim/Flap and Synchro Trim/Flap function available.
  • Synchro function that can be activated either in neutral or underway.
  • Advanced functions for fast and safe commissioning.
  • Trolling control.
  • Starting security if the gear isn’t in neutral.
  • Emergency safety devices directly on the actuator, in the case of systems with mechanical interface.



YachtEZ will not publish price list, but rather in our discreet manner of taking care of our clients maritime needs, and since any purchase is a private matter, we do not publish pricing, but as we have intimated, using our DEALER code at order, you will receive our factory direct DEALER pricing in a private and formal quote that is good for 30-days.  Please use the order form below to provide your contact information, the product you wish to receive availability, delivery, and final cost on to your boat and we will gladly provide in writing.  If you choose to go to any of the manufacturing company links included in our web information pages on your own, just include our DEALER Identification code of YACHTEZ and we can ship direct, but that will not include any installation information other than what is supplied by manufacturer.  Once you receive your product, please call our office for an appointment with one of our technicians for installation requirements. and appointment availability.


Quotes are good for 30-Days from registration, and direct DEALER discounts are not good with any other promotion.  Pre-Boat Show Season and before the upcoming Holiday Seasons both national and international is now prime time to order so that there is no wait with our installation teams.  Please fill out the convenient form below for prompt response.