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400 Calle Calaf, PMB 68, San Juan, PR 00918

+(787 ) 596-4656

YachtEZ Import LLC and our international arm, YachtEZ Import And Export LLC, is proud to announce our formal opening of Puerto Rico as our newest base of operations for the Caribbean island nations and surrounding sea.


Long have we been building for and selling boats in that Caribbean region, but now we have formal representation based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, under the heading of Puerto Rico Boating Group, with company director Pedro Rivera at the helm.  All of YachtEZ’s services will be available and managed by Puerto Rico Boating Group on the island nation and surrounding Caribbean islands and sea.


We look forward to further developing a solid local relationship having now a home base with local boaters and island nation’s visitors requiring any assistance whether for new boat, brokerage, or trades sales, for any mechanical problems and repair our visiting boaters may encounter.  Puerto Rico Boating Group under the umbrella of YachtEZ will offer all new boat lines we represent as well as the brokerage listings that we offer worldwide for new or retrofit, small or large, and repair of any boat locally that we can monitor and assist to conclusion for any client with the same assurance and confidence we do on the mainland.


Mr. Rivera has had a long standing business relationship with YachtEZ that has spanned years, and it is with great pleasure that we as a company welcome him to our business umbrella.  Feel free to contact him directly for any quote, any trade value on your boat for new construction, or for value against any of our listings that we can represent to owners and make happen.  As with our representation on the mainland, Pedro will offer the same confidence in our selection of tech’s for Puerto Rico that will handle anything  needed on site on the island national territory, as well as travel to wherever a boat is at in the Caribbean to assist an owner, captain, or crew, in the repair of any problem.


Welcome aboard Pedro Rivera and Puerto Rico Boating Group to YachtEZ!!


For listing your boat [current listings link] or any of your yachting concerns in the Caribbean, please contact YachtEZ Puerto Rico and Caribbean Regional Director Pedro Rivera, and let him put your mind at ease, nothing like a sunset shimmering on the open water, a calm breeze at your back, and a Hurricane in your hand.  You know Captain Devlin of the YachtEZ  Great Lakes North Country Fare and Florida Treasure Coast Regions will be visiting Pedro here in the Caribbean sooner than you think…as soon as he gets wind of this island expansion the old pirate that he is, and the two of them can calm any sea, we always like to say that they are good to have around in a pinch or in a fix.  We know there is a story there a-brewin’ with those two YachtEZ directors in tow, and the Caribbean is the target, who knows what could happen and what treasures they will discover, but it will be fun finding out; the moon and the stars are out, so pay attention and become a part of our network, you will not be bored or disappointed…. that is a fact.


Visit Pedro Rivera and Puerto Rico Boating Group on Facebook, and let the stories fly.  All indications are, that should make for some interesting reading to say the least.

Any inquiries for boats, whether for purchase, retrofit, charter, parts, or repair, please fill in the form below and submit, one of our staff will quickly respond to your needs.

We at YachtEZ-Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico Boating Group wish you a calm and following sea, smooth sailing, and beautiful sunsets on the water.