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YACHTIONEER.COM, a web based disposal site for Ships, Yachts, Boats and Marine Surplus.  This is a private auction site for members only, please go direct and join at no risk or cost to you, but gain the opportunity for some real deals!


Licensed Master Auctioneer and Yacht Broker John Giles at the helm, where vessels that are brought to the table may come from distressed circumstances, but always come with a clear title.  The Staff and Management of has over 28 years of experience in the sale of boats, yachts and ships. 10 years experience in the sale, appraisal and liquidation of Marine assets. is a fully licensed Yacht and Ship Broker and Auctioneer Bonded in the State of Florida.


  • Lic.# 1508
    Col. John N Giles, Broker/auctioneer Lic# 4320
    Graduate from Florida Auctioneer Academy


  • Contact: John Giles Broker/Auctioneer
    Florida Broker Lic #1508  Auctioneer #4320
    954 609 6940


Please register online with YACTIONEER.COM, and get the benefits of experience, control of your price, and transaction security knowing what you are getting for your boat, without having to meet any unqualified strangers from inquiries either by phone or by email, rather let us take the risk out of the deal.

“A web site where the reality of a sale comes to fruition, by means of consumer “Offers or Bids”. To Sellers from Buyers. If you really want to sell it. List it here at YACHTIONEER.COM”

YachtEZ continues to provide our clients with the utmost in service and security in the industry, and it is with our utmost pleasure to recommend this company Auction service to our clients who wish to sell their boat, or to buy…. simple and as we say, no fuss, no muss, at no risk.
If you need any further help in the registration process at no cost to you or obligation to you, please have no hesitation in contacting our office direct to speak to a broker who will assist you through the easy process. leaves nothing to chance, inquire about any boat and you will receive full disclosure so that you know and are educated in your purchase before you buy.
 Boat Insurance
What better than the history of your boat from manufacturing to sale?  As you can see, what you want or need, we will get or supply, YachtEZ and our sister company is your one stop shop to get things done right the first time.