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The Yacht Group

innovative products for the marine industry”

Created to develop the innovative advanced technology products for a safer and more enjoyable boating experience, Yacht Controller LLC[YC], is now the undisputed leader in its field, all over the world.  YC products are designed with our great passion for the nautical world, 3/4 of our beautiful and contained planet is water, and for customers who more and more, every day, are asking for technological innovations to make time on board more enjoyable, safer, and, problem-free.  The answer….. The company….. The One Company Overall…….. » THE YACHT GROUP.

Over the period of the last 15-years, Yacht Controller LLChas developed and sold a complete range of Yacht Controller products of uncontested quality and success, including thousands of wireless remotes in use today on yachts  of all degrees, styles, and lengths..  Our patented product range is CE and FCC Certified by international authorities throughout the world.  Yacht Controller products are sold via an extensive professional sales and assistance network, worldwide.  We at YachtEZ, are proud now to be included as your Dealer for all products and service of this incredible innovative company for safety and ease of use on the open waters, oceans, and seas of our planet.  As with every product we represent, safety is paramount and first on our list of priorities before offering to our buying and using public client base.

The Yacht Group – Our brands will increase your boating pleasure through our Yacht Controller System providing precise boat control, easy to mount external Yacht Thrusters, beautiful and stunning custom lettering from Yacht GraphX, 4G/Wi-Fi antenna from Yacht Connect, monitor your boat systems with Yacht Protector and conversion of mechanical controls to electronic using Yacht Command.

The Family of Products
Yacht ControllerYacht ThrusterYacht GraphxYacht ConnectYacht Protector
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    Innovative Marine Technology: Yacht Graphx                                                                                                      Yacht Controller
  • – With thousands of installed Yacht Thruster systems on more than 230 brands of boats up to 70 ft. Our customers have asked us to provide boat thrusters that match the superior quality, precision and reliability of our systems. fulfills this request!
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    team of products includes Yacht Controller, Yacht Thruster, Yacht Graphx, Yacht Protector, Yacht Command and Yacht Connect. We bring the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community. This is the hallmark of our brands through “innovative technology for the marine industry“.  Our marine products are used on thousands of yachts of all sizes on more than 180 brands… and counting.

    Yacht Controller is the key to wireless control of a yacht while docking and maneuvering. With over 10,000 installed systems on more than 180 brands of yachts; ranging in size to over 250 ft, the flawless proven security and dual band dependability of Yacht Controller allows yacht operators to confidently control the movement of their yachts from anywhere on board with absolute precision. Yacht Controller JCS Joystick Control System provides a fixed station control with up to 5 connected joysticks at strategic locations throughout the yacht and can be coupled with a wireless remote for complete and precision yacht control.

    Fusion Wireless Yacht Controller with Joystick

    /Yacht Thruster - Stern ThrusterYacht Thruster is the world’s number one selling externally mounted thruster for bow and stern application on both power and sailboats. Precision production produces a rugged housing manufactured out of solid machined aluminum with a hand built, sealed motor for durability, and since Yacht Thrusters are water cooled, they have exceptionally long continuous run time and low battery drain.

    Yacht Thruster is manufactured by the world’s #1 thruster company. Yacht Thruster offers Internal or External thrusters for bow and starn application on both powerboats and sailboats.

    Yacht GraphX letters are state of the art laser cut for perfection in Stainless steel, Carbon Fiber, or Resin and available in Monochrome or Multiple color illuminated LEDs. Letters are connected via a specially designed marine electronic watertight system for stability, durability and reliability. Illuminations and dimming is controlled via a remote or WiFi from your smartphone for easy installation! Let us help you transform your look with Any Font, Design, Size, or Material which you prefer.

    Try the new Yacht Graphx sign design wizard

    Yacht Protector is a smart security and geo-location system. Once the device is installed, you will be able to monitor your boat wherever you are, from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection. It’s the first truly efficient, easy to install, cost effective, wireless security and tracking system for your boat. Once installed, you can view the status of your boat’s location and essential conditions from a smartphone, tablet or computer with our simple app. Yacht Protector sends alerts to your phone by email using its own worldwide GSM network. Sensors are wireless for easy and quick installation.

    Yacht Command is the perfect system to convert boats with mechanical or hydraulic controls to an easy to use electronic control system. Providing gear shifting, throttle, warm up functions and synchronization with security.

    Yacht Connect - Coastal Internet Amplifying SystemYacht Connect is more than a powerful 4G/Wi-Fi antenna, it is also a router with an access point. YachtConnect will support up to 32 connected devices on-board (smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.). Use the supplied pre-loaded data SIM card or insert your SIM card in the external card slot on the receiver and get a 4G signal. Enjoy increased signal strength by up to 50%+ by using the YachtConnect coastal Internet amplifying system.



    Now, take a look at the newest safety feature for all vessels that provide night safety for the most important of owner concern, being able to see.

    ACR 1MM Candela

    Twin, 35-watt, Metal halide HID* lamps narrow-beam searchlight perfect for large sport yachts, mega-yachts, large sportfish and commercial vessels. Easy to install and retrofit.

    ACR 6MM Candela

    At 6 million candela, this light pierces even the darkest night. Its high-intensity 150-watt Xenon bulb and parabolic reflector provides brawny power for large commercial vessels, yet its aesthetic design meets all the requirements of large pleasure yachts. Switch easily from flood to spot, and aim precisely with the self contained remote joystick.*


    This is a quick overview of YachtEZ approved YACHT GROUP product line, please go to our individual pages listed in our menu for a more complete and defined use for each product with your yacht, we have installation guides available for each type of boat where we offer the security  every owner needs.  For our company discount automatically applied to any order national or international, please use YachtEZ Authorized Dealer Code at time of order request.  This YachtEZ added discount level is good either ordering direct with manufacturer at YACHT GROUP or at our check-out online shopping form below.  Please use and save some of that money in your pocket.

    Authorized Dealer Code: YACHTEZ


    Any product can be purchased direct from manufacturer, but for our company discount, always include our Authorized Dealer Code to avoid retail pricing.  Please fill in the below inquiry form for product quote for product, shipping fees, and installation if necessary from our own tech’s, otherwise product is delivered and unless installation arrangements are made in advance, then product installation is responsibility of buyer.  Product warranty is always in effect with Buyer Registration Card submitted to Company within the set manufacturer guideline for registration.  For our installation crew, travel and time is a separate invoice, but is available and we warranty all of our installations.

  • YachtEZ will not publish price list, but rather in our discreet manner of taking care of our clients maritime needs, and since any purchase is a private matter, we do not publish pricing, but as we have intimated, using our DEALER code at order, you will receive our factory direct DEALER pricing in a private and formal quote that is good for 30-days.  Please use the order form below to provide your contact information, the product you wish to receive availability, delivery, and final cost on to your boat and we will gladly provide in writing.  If you choose to go to any of the manufacturing company links included in our web information  pages, just include our DEALER Identification code of YACHTEZ and we can ship direct, but that will not include any installation information other than what is supplied by manufacturer.  Once you receive your product, please call our office for an appointment with one of our technicians for installation requirements. and appointment availability.

    The Family of Products
    Yacht ControllerYacht ThrusterYacht GraphxYacht ConnectYacht Protector