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We at YachtEZ have our preferences for marine electronics and their installation, but understand that each owner has their own comfort level with their own favorite manufacturer.   As boat manufacturers, we offer access across the board to all electronic suppliers, availability to purchasing your electronic of choice, manufacturer of choice, right from our website with quick to home port delivery.  Our concept in offering products is not to endorse one over the other, in today’s technological mastery, electronics change their magical characteristics nearly on a daily basis; but one thing we at YachtEZ will always put forth is safety first.  

Products that don’t meet our criteria for safety will quickly be characterized as such in our COMMENTS section of each ad for each owner to decide.  We as a provider, accept no responsibility for any product failure or warranty concern based on our offers and/or recommendations.  We will present facts on new products with features, schematics, and diagrams, photos when available, and pricing for purchase, with delivery options at the discretion and decision solely to buyer.


Do shop the following sites and when you find what you want, go to our order sheet below, supply manufacturer, part number, and any necessary description, and we will handle full delivery to your home port and boat, office, or home.  YachtEZ always trying to be cost effective will offer standard delivery cost by zip code unless requested as expedited.






We at YachtEZ want to make your boating experience what it should be, as time on the water without concern for your boats performance level, nor … and most importantly… without “DOWNTIME” that will ruin the best laid of plans.

That is precisely why we take our recommendations as serious as we do, offering our owners and clients only what we know is the best at what we can offer, tried and proven, making your relaxed time on the water frequenting your favorite exotic ports of call, or for sheer exploration, the safest and most reliable time we can offer.  “TRIED AND PROVEN” is 100% the only way we make any product referral.

Please fill in the below inquiry sheet with type of boat, requested electronics and size, location of vessel with available installation date and time for our scheduling department to offer the most convenient time for installation, and any cosmetic requests that will help our tech’s bring the right items and installation equipment for prompt and speedy results for your satisfaction.  After all, we don’t want to have to be there twice unnecessarily.  AND as always suggested, supplying photos is always a HUGE plus.


We can install camera display to your dash panel screens, from onboard camera vision, to satellite TV, all done to your satisfaction and what you want?  That is a YachtEZ PROMISE! 



Camera’s and display access fully functional on-board with wireless remote access for control from your smart phone for screen view to Helm GPS/Radar screens, your in-cabin flatscreen TV monitors, allowing night-vision camera visual display for safety and security after dark and in a visually weather hampering fog.   easily to monitor boarding of vessel, below deck engine room visual capability from the helm, all safety features for the safety and security of owner, guests, and crew day and night.

ELECTRONICS preference is a matter of owner choice.  YachtEZ is OEM to all electronics manufacturers.  We offer access on a world scale for  110v/220v  50 htz/60htz multi-frequency zone free products.  Surf the direct access GARMIN Marine Products catalogue, make your decision, and order direct through YachtEZ for our manufacturer’s discount.  Please fill in the below online inquiry sheet and submit with photos for a quick quote for purchase and with an onsite tech visual inspection, an installation quote.

Let us know what you want, and as is our YachtEZ company policy, we will make happen anytime, any place.  Everything has to start with you, with that, we await your request.