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Cuba Ferry

Built: 2015

  • NB: The ship has a double bottom along its entire length and the dampers shall be installed in accordance with the regulations at intervals so that the ship’s flooding shall occur through two continuous compartments. The ship has been constructed with “Grade A” steel
  • Class: Extended Shelter Waters + Ice Class 3
  • Ice Class: Category ‘A’ – abt 60cm of ice thickness
  • Dimensions: LOA: 102.20m LWL: 85m Beam overall: 18m
    Main deck height: 3.90m Loaded draft: 2.80m
  • GRT international: 1548/ Greek GRT/NRT: 1263 / 86
  • ferrydeck2ferrydeck
  • Vehicle cap: 193 European type vehicles OR 26 x 12m trucks and buses with a maximum height of 4.90m on main deck and 36 passenger vehicles with height of 1.85m and total weight of 850t in lower garage
  • Carry capacity: 850t
  • Passenger cap: 500 persons in the lounges during winter trade and up to 1000 passengers during summer


  • Diesel cap: 112.64m³
  • FW cap: 137.80m³
  • ER area: The bases for the main engines, electrical motors and the entire ancillary machinery as well as the floor boards in the corridors for transiting of staff will be constructed in the engine areas, suitably reinforced areas and on the basis of the approved designs, in order to classify
    the ship under “Ice Class 3”.


  • Main engine: MTU x 4, 12v 2000 M61 type – each generating 840hp @ 1800rpm. All four engines will comply with latest IMO II environmental (NOX) regulations that are in force in the EU.  The main engines on the vessel shall be operated via a hydraulic clutch by the European
    Azimuth Thruster system, ZF brand and ZF AT 4111 MW-FP model, which shall be accompanied by the suitable series certificates that have been issued by an internationally recognised Ship Classification Society, and shall have immediate response to the ship’s 5-fin propellers via electronic controls on the bridge. The vessel shall instantaneously respond to the commander’s orders and shall perform movements in every direction without being influenced by currents or side winds. The Azimuth Thrusters shall cooperate with the
    autopilot system that shall in turn cooperate with the Gyro Compass and shall be able to operate in conjunction with the ECDIS maps that shall be acquired from the ZF manufacturing company.


  • Generators: Two Volvo Penta brand marine generators shall be installed, D7A TA/UCM274H model, which shall be accompanied by the suitable series certificates that have been issued by an internationally recognised Ship Classification Society, each rated at 163kva power generating
    3-phase 380/220v – 50Hz electricity. The ship shall be illuminated by two 380/220v transformers and shall have 24v emergency lighting. The electrical current shall be generated by a 220/24v rectifier and shall be fed by batteries into the circuit.


  • Pumps: The ship shall have certified 380v electrical pumps installed in its engine rooms:
    a) 4 Self Priming fire and ballast pumps with a suction capacity of 70m³/hr
    b) 1 Self Priming water sprinkler (drencher) pump for the basement garage with a suction
    capacity of 110 m³/hr
    c) 2 explosion proof (EX – proof motor) Self Priming diesel transfusion pumps with a suction
    capacity of 12 m³/hr
    d) 2 to pressure rise to fresh water pumps and
    e) 1 explosion proof (EX – proof motor) Self Priming Marpol pump with a suction capacity of
    12 m³/hr
  • NB: The vessel will have two points for controlling the propulsion system and operating the ship’s engines – bridge
    and engine room.
  • Speed: Average speed will be 12 knots
  • Navigation Aids: -One (1) certified (IMO) JRC brand radar; model JMA-5312-6BB XBAND 10 Kw, with a 19”
    screen -GPS- Plotter – 1 x certified JRC brand GPS; model JLR-7500;
    – Compass – 1 x certified Simrad brand gyrocompass; model GC-80 +1 x certified Lilley &
    Gillie brand magnetic compass – model FW9900 SR4
    – VHF – 1 x certified JRC brand VHF/DSC; model JHS-770S (class B)
    -1 x One (1) certified Simrad brand VHF/DSC; model RS12 (class D).
    – AIS – certified JRC brand AIS; model JHS-182
    – Navtex – certified JRC brand Navtex; model NCR-333
    – ECDIS – certified Simrad brand ECDIS, model CS68-19 that is able to work in with the
    autopilot system.
    – Echo sounder – certified JRC brand echo sounder; model JFE-380.
    – Sart – 2 x certified Ocean Signal brand Sarts – model SafeSea S100
    – Epirb – – 2 x certified Ocean Signal brand Epirbs – model SafeSea E100


  • Bridge: Will include: a) 12 x LED lights, b) 2 x Bridge AC units for 260 m³, c) Fire alarm, d) Public address, e) Navigation lights, f) Talk Back, g) Radio – CD, h) Ship horns, i) Various power sockets for a computer, mobile phones, TV, etc.
  • Air-conditioning: The ship shall have a central air conditioning system in accordance with the following technical specifications. This shall service all the following areas:
    A. Passenger lounge, which shall comprise of 8 a/c units each with an output of 12.5kw
    B. Crew accommodation, which shall comprise of 9 a/c units each with an output of 2.5kw
    C. Ship’s bridge, which shall be comprised of 2 a/c units each with an output of 11kw
  • Lifesaving and safety gear


  • Passenger saloon: 480 sofas and tables shall be installed in the 580 m² lounge inaccordance with the design. The sofas shall be upholstered with leather upholstery that is manufactured by the internationally renowned Italian company Nuova Pugliatex
  • Crew accom: 6 crew cabins, dining room and galley with separate air conditioning – internal ceiling units of the exposed type (cassettes) -(cooling – heating) shall be installed in the suspended ceiling of the cabins and there shall be provision for locally controlling every unit. A control shall be placed in every cabin for regulating the air supply and temperature
  • Comments: The main requirements under the new regulations that affect both new and existing ships, which this new building complies with, are:
    1. The ships must have double bottoms
    2. All of the materials used in the ships must be non-combustible and certified
    3. The flooding of the ships must occur through two adjacent compartments otherwise the ship cannot transport more than 400 passengers and the ship must have fire detectors.
  • Any technical details herewith are believed correct but without guarantee and any proposed units are subject to availability/free/unsold.


Any and all inquiries are directed to YachtEZ Import And Export where we will direct our European office to meet with and set up any inspection and commercial survey for any buyer regardless of national origin.  Please provide the necessary contact information and we will respond quickly, handle all title transfer documents, handle any export or import documentation and tax liability on behalf of buyer, notary and all legal funds transfer, and delivery.


We look forward to your inquiry and to securing you this commercial vessel for multi-purpose use.  Please fill in the form below with your contact information and any pertinent information required for vessel purchase inquiry and we will promptly respond.