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Pushing the performance envelope to new levels. Setting numerous industry firsts. These are advances that only account for a fraction of the performance makeup of Seven7Marine’s outboards. Unmatched horsepower, unique geometries and patented technology provide entirely new options and capabilities to go faster, more efficiently. Technology, performance and art – in perfect harmony.


Now, order by and through YachtEZ Import And Export, on our preferred client status as vessel manufacturer agent of sale, and get your engines in as expedient a time as possible, the sooner you order, the sooner your engines are delivered.  The rigging team of YachtEZ by and with Seven7Marine’s tech’s, jointly will define and schedule installation from new construction to retrofit, engineering vessel hull design and transom to accommodate the power of SEVEN7Marine engines.  From the very beginning, Seven7Marine’s focus on improving the customer experience has never been more evident . We encourage you to view the customer testimonial videos that can be found on our website. As our customers have testified, from the President of Seven7Marine and throughout our organization, our business is driven to please our customers.


Prices for all engine installations are available upon request, and delivery is subject to motor availability.  All components from individual suppliers like ZF-Marine, Latham Marine, etc., are available by and through YachtEZ company accounts for direct system and part purchase access.  Again, as per Seven7Marine is a sought after engine growing more from a national product to international acceptance and sevicing, for time expediency in purchase and delivery in the shortest time possible, YachtEZ is your Seven7Marine power source provider of choice.


Offering outboard designs as unique as the individual driving them – Seven7Marine provides everything from color selection and coordination assistance to ensure your outboard matches the exact details of your boat. From accent colors to unique textures, wood patterns and carbon-fiber options – it’s blue-sky thinking limited only by the imagination.


SEVEN7MARINE red IMG_0960SEVEN7MARINE white IMG_0960SEVEN7MARINE blue IMG_0962 edited