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For John Clarke, the passion started when he was 8 years old and his father Jack brought him into the boat building business. He spent long hours working along side his legendary father, learning the intricate subtleties of designing and building water craft capable of incredible feats of speed and agility. He learned by watching, working and competing in one of the most intense, pressure filled environments you can imagine while other kids his age were playing little league baseball and watching cartoons.

The knowledge, skill and artistry to be able to conceptualize and create the world’s finest powerboats is a rare phenomenon. For those who can imagine and appreciate the highest level of craftsmanship and expertise, Jaguar Marine offers a truly unique opportunity.

To Live Is To Fly

Jaguar Models

Jaguar Marine J47

1984 – Jack Clarke “Rookie of the Year”

Jack Clarke begins his racing career with a 30-foot Chris Craft catamaran winning the APBA Pro-Stock Championship and APBA Southeast Divisional Championship and is named rookie of the year.

1985 – The First Designs and a new National Champion

Jack Clarke’s success fuels his desire to design and build his own boat. He moves up to the Open Class in a boat of his own design and construction, the 35-foot wooden Jaguar tunnel hull. “It was crude and people were skeptical but it was fast.” He proved the speed when he won the national championship that year, however, the problem was that the wooden construction wasn’t tough enough, so he set out to find a better, lighter and stronger material.

1986 – Development and Testing

Jack Clarke takes the year off from racing to pull composite molds from the wooden 35′ and search for what he felt would be the optimum material and method for construction. His results would become undeniable.

1987 – Jack Clarke earns “Designer of the Year” and “Manufacturer of the Year”

Jack and his 35′ Jaguar “Thriller,” corkscrew flip at the world championships in Key West due to a mechanical failure of the out drive. Because of Clarke’s ingenious installation of the fuel tanks, however, the boat rights itself and miraculously remains 100% structurally sound (minus the engine hatches). With the help of other race crews, Jack Clarke remains in the running and races the same boat, placing 3rd overall despite having had the boat flip. His manufacturing feats earns him both “Offshore Designer of the Year” and “Tunnel-Boat Manufacturer of the year.”

1988 – US Open Class Title

After losing a bet to Jack Clarke, fellow racer John D’Elia funds the construction of the 35′  “Special Edition.” That same year Jack Clarke campaigns the original 35′ Jaguar, repainted as the “Coors Light Silver Bullet” and races with Craig Barrie, the President of Cigarette at the time and the future President of Statement Marine. The funny thing is, that Jack Clarke and Craig Barrie end up racing against D’Elia for the US Open Class title. So, that year Jaguar went home with 1st and 2nd place in the national championship.

1989 – A New Boat and A New Record

John Antonelli contracts Jack to build the first 46′ Jaguar. Jack expands the original, proven 35′ to accommodate the new size and pulls molds. The same year, he runs the original 35′ Jaguar, repainted again as “Spirit of America”. The hull proves itself again and hits 143mph with twin gentry turbo engines. He also builds the 35′ “Recovery” and claims the fastest time ever recorded around Long Island.

1990 – APBA National Champion with Ferrari and the First American Offshore Diesel Race Boat

“Thriller” is repainted as “Ferrari” and wins the APBA national Championship while at the same time Jack Clarke builds Ferrari their own brand new 35′ for keeps. Clarke also builds his own 46′ Jaguar with four 1000hp diesel engines and sells it to Barry Roth who races it the next year as “Insatiable” – the first American diesel race boat engineered to be able to mechanically withstand the rigors of an offshore race and finish.

1991 – 168mph, the New World Speed Record

Jack builds Dan Cambell a 46′ Jaguar which breaks the worlds speed record by nearly 20mph at 168mph. Clarke then builds the first ever 46′ twin engine, Mercury sponsored, Jaguar race boat in just 19 days and races again with the President of Cigarette, Craig Barrie.

1992 – World Champion and “Sportsman of the Year”

Gifford contracts Clarke to build the first 40′ Jaguar, which he modifies from the 46′. In its first year, the new 40′ Jaguar becomes a national champion. This same year, the Jaguar hull proves its strength again when the 46′ barrel rolls during the New Orleans offshore pro tour and races the very next day. Because of this outstanding feat, Jack Clarke wins sportsman of the year again for his unparalleled manufacturing.

1993 – World Champion

Jack and lead singer of Motley Crew, Vince Neil, race as team Jaguar in the original 35′ “Thriller” and place second in San Diego. Later that year, “Thriller” is repainted again, in its seventh year running to win the world championship as “Toshiba”.

1994 – Clarke Wins Another National Title

Clarke races with Barry Roth in “Insatiable” and wins another national title.

1995/96 – The First 50′ Jaguar and Another World Speed Record

Dan Campbell commissions the first 50′ wide body Jaguar, with an 11′ 11″ beam, which  breaks the world speed record at 183mph as the “Coca-Cola” boat.

1998 – The First Jaguar Pleasure Craft

Jack Clarke collaborates with his son John on the first 35′ Jaguar pleasure series. It runs at 143mph as a six seater with a full cabin.

1999 – The Legacy Continues: A Father-Son National Title

Jack and John Clarke race the 40′ Jaguar and take the national title as a father-son team.

2001 – 35′ Sport Fisherman

John Clarke builds the first official 35′ Jaguar sport fishing boat.

2002/2015 – A New Focus

Jaguar focuses its efforts on designing highly custom sport fishing boats in limited number.

2014 – The Next Generation

Jack Clarke names John Clarke Owner and President of Jaguar Marine, while continuing to keep a close eye on manufacturing standards and methodologies.

2015 – Present

Research and development into a new 43′ sport fisherman to be available in 2018. John Clarke develops the worlds first fully enclosed and air conditioned custom jet ski cover. The Jaguar Marine line is extended to provide a smaller, more affordable line of custom tunnel hull fishing models and the Jaguar Nova V bottom series.

Ultra High Performance Is Our Standard

With an internationally acclaimed racing hull, we deliver anglers with the fastest, smoothest, most-stable and dry-running open-fisherman on the market today. While we pride ourselves on our racing heritage and the undeniable speed of our final product, we pay closest attention to the safety and craftsmanship of each individual boat we create. Because we focus our efforts on every detail of the construction process, we feel comfortable offering an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the hull and deck, something no other manufacturer is bold enough to do.

Our engineering team chooses to use proven and reliable materials like Kevlar to reinforce the hull and has developed and refined a rotating mold system and vacuum-bagging technique using Airex foam core and Core-Cell to maintain a light, yet virtually unsinkable skeleton for every Jaguar model. Not only that but every boat we build is hand-crafted based on your specifications and is completely customizable. All of the bells and whistles one would expect to find on any leading open-fish are available to be built in – with your imagination and our expertise, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together!

In the Tunnel

The tunnel is one of the major features that makes the Jaguar hull so fast, stable and efficient. The pads and steps, expanded hull, the anti-stuffing angle and radius angles are all key to maintaining the legacy of our Jaguar heritage. LEARN MORE

Under The Deck

Manufacturing race quality hulls is what we do best and when you take a look under the deck, you will understand why. We never cut corners and we never sacrifice the proven standards we believe in – that is what makes our boats the safest and most rugged in the world and why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Jaguar crafts in production. LEARN MORE

Every Inch Considered

Developed by Jack Clarke, the “pumpkin topping” method used in the construction of the deck is something unique to Jaguar and is highly effective practice to ensure every inch of the boat is reinforced and ready to hit the water at high speeds. LEARN MORE

The Jaguar Legacy

When we say race proven, we mean it. Our hull molds are re-purposed from Jaguar Marine’s world and national title winning race boats. While anything out of the water can be customized to suit an array of modern design aesthetics, John Clarke remains steadfast in his dedication to the integrity of the legacy he and his father built. What this amounts to for you as the customer, is a product that has proven to be world class time and time again and something that can be trusted with your life. LEARN MORE

Custom Built to Last Forever

We pride ourselves on delivering a dream boat that fits you like a finely tailored suit. From adding storage, accessories or electronics to fully custom redesign of console, deck layout or even hull modifications, we work with you to envision, design and build a boat that will deliver uncompromising performance, unparalleled comfort and unmatched dock appeal.

All Jaguar Marine boats are hand built with the utmost attention to detail. We have 5 main sizes to choose from – 27’, 30’, 35’, 43’ and 47’ sport fishing vessels. The hull and deck is pulled from an existing mold and then finished with any specific requirements the customer desires. We guide the customer through trim, electronics and engine manufacturer options and work with dealers to get the best deals available on the latest technology.

Beyond the main models, we can completely design and build from scratch to any conceivable specifications. This includes racing boats, dive boats, yacht tenders, search and rescue, coast guard / tactical and everything in between. There are no limits except the imagination! Contact us with any questions you may have or to discuss design options.

Jaguar Marine Design Options
Jaguar Marine Design Options
Jaguar Marine Models and Specifications
Jaguar Marine Models and Specifications

“This boat has it all – economy, range, trailer-ability, fish-ability and speed” – Maximo Marine


Jaguar owners are understandably proud and passionate about these unique works of art.

27′ Owner Mike Maher

37′ Owner James Ziober

What a great platform! The Jaguar is perfect for special operations and fast response.  Being able to customize your boat to your agencies specific needs is great.  You are not stuck with a factory boat that you have to add a ton of aftermarket parts and accessories. Jaguar Marine is a one stop shop.
Performance……amazing! The ability to get up on plane in a short amount of time is great! The boat handles great. Don’t have to worry about catching a chine. The boat turns like a car. So impressed.

Dave Soika

The first time I touched a Jaguar back in 2008 I knew things would never be the same.  My traditional V hull would no longer be good enough.  Everything I learned about Jaguar was so completely new to me, extremely technical, and somewhat unbelievable.

Finally, in 2011, I bought one. I now have my own 35 Jaguar Open Fish.  This is when it all started to make sense to me.  I had always wanted it all, Now I have it!  it is the perfect combination of world class racing boat and fishing machine, powered and laid out the way I wanted it.  This racing hull is a whole other level of fun and excitement that can only be experienced by driving it. Speed and performance are the reasons all the top racing boats are tunnel hull cats.

I learned when it comes to boats at this level, knowing your builder is what is most important.  Does your builder design, build, and race your hull?  Did your builder design every inch of your hull or just buy a mold from another company?  There are some boat companies that share a common hull mold they didn’t even design.

The Jaguar design is exclusive to the company.  They designed it and know how every part works to make it the best performing hull ever.  No one does it like Jaguar Marine does

James R. Ziober

“…an efficient, super safe head-turner engineered around a race proven hull – a true lion ready to dominate the most grueling hunting grounds!”

Florida Sport Fishing Mag

“The most stable, smooth, dry-running, mid-size sport fishing boat in her class.”

Maximo Marine Boat Lettering

“Golden Streaker (35′ Offshore) cruises at 75 mph on twin 250 HP Envinrude E-Techs.”

Captain Frank Charters

“In more than 20 years since race hull #1, Jaguar has never had a single hull failure. Such is why they offer a Lifetime Hull Warranty”

Maximo Marine Boat Lettering