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For all, please understand, this is a ROUGH-WATER 30′ BOAT.

Factory direct priced DEEPWATER BOATS are a direct manifestation of 40-years of boat building knowledge, experience, and innovation, beginning in the 1980″s “Biscayne-Bay-Center-Console-Madness” consuming the boating industry in the last century, that can be said to be circumstance-singular in nature.

The MIAMI-FLORIDA direct line of boating life-style and marine development unapparelled in concept and design anywhere on the planet in that era, is back again.  There was and is no place like Miami, and those that were there, understand.

Born from the Center Console Craze that swept the boating industry in the 80’s and 90’s of the last century in South Florida’s BISCAYNE BAY; that passion for boating is here again.  Now as a result of that honed boating experience, DEEPWATER BOATS is a direct handmade assembly line from the same designers and technicians that made the Center-Console major players in a field of manic boaters then seeking speed, steadfast seamanship what history mandated in then to successfully come through life and death situations for successful completion of getting from point “A” to home port “B” undetected and fast, is now again made today in Miami, Florida.   This ultimate performance heritage with steadfast control that makes the worldwide thought of offshore Miami racing and performance in the history books, is now here again.

The design is SET, now comes the water testing and balancing for hull #1 as seen below:

This is the  first time for this “FISHING-MACHINE-ROCKET,” is in the water, wait until you see the performance videos we will post this 30′ gem equipped with twin 2022 MERCURY 300R’s x 2, for speed and agility beyond compare to those fishing sites she will perform!!  Balancing her today with 1000-lbs counterweight in the stern with 3-200lbs men, and 400+lbs of cement powder bagged concrete mix, to compensate for engines and rigging, with full fuel and water tanks loaded, she sits perfectly bow down gracing the water as can be clearly seen in these actual testing photos.  The 40′ DEEPWATER SPORTFISH, her stern steady at water line with the distributed faux weight, ready to fire up her upcoming 2022 MERCURY 300R’s x 2 twins with custom red & black cowlings, ready to run.

…. PERFECTLY balanced.  The balancing of this 30′  is a part of boat building that actually brings a smile to my face.  Cement filled bags and people, makes for the perfect balancing act on the water, and not a dissimilar action these boats that were designed to haul quickly and do in the dark moonless nights offshore from Bahamas to home port in Miami.

From the 1980’s Strip Clubs to the late nightly “Bahamas-Runs,” offshore boating in Miami as we will call them, a time that was unparalleled in its concept, design, and popularity then, and honed in the hand-building expertise brought to South Florida from the newly naturalized Cuban migration to Miami, that was so well known in the TV-Land as “Miami-Vice.”    And it was product filled sacks and people that made their way up the Miami River on these boats in those days, funny how boating imitates life.  ‘Freedom-Town” housing, a big part of this Cuban migration in those days that brought their honed boat building skills housed pending immigration status under Interstate 95 with cars overhead in front of the Miami Police Station.  From rafting to under a cement overpass and meshed steel fencing from the roadway height to the ground for security.  Visualize a place where it became quickly known as where to make a name for yourself and set your place in the newly founded rough mental and physical society that downtown Miami was then and still is today.

You  could almost say it was a movie in real life, and that is what was so wild about that time, that it will and could not happen again.  This is where the DEEPWATER BOATS concept evolved from by and through the experience gained in those time for success without question, a thought to reality on the water, fabricated and molded, assembled in Miami, FL, and could be from no other place to get that experience in boat building except downtown Miami and YachtEZ Import And Export.  Having been there and done that speaks for itself, and everyone knows, that knowledge is earned, not taught.  Welcome to DEEPWATER BOATS and vintage Miami.

DEEPWATER BOATS is sold factory direct, looking at delivering two[2] boats per month from our facility, starting at $225,000 delivered with base boat MERCURY Verado 250 x 2 power, basic MERCURY Vessel View and gauging electronics, Power Steering, plus each owner’s published option list what we will make available to each interested party to review and select.

That option list and power options as listed below, is now published on this site before the 2022 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW opening February 16-20, 2022.  Please keep posted and inquire at our office at anytime for more information and updates on construction progress and monthly delivery slots sales and availability.

For a personal boatyard inspection, and to design your own DEEPWATER 30′ “BADASS-FISHING-MACHINE, call directly to our office.  Our building schedule is two[2] boats per month, the first delivery in March of 2022, this being hull number #1 as shown in these recent photos, is sold, and the next production is in final stages of sale for March Delivery also being sold.

The next two available hull building production slots are April 2022 for two[2] DEEPWATER 30′ FISHINGBOATS, so please come visit us and get in line.  Since all other center console builders are a year and a half out at least with the supply chain as broken as it is, and at the very least $100,000 more in price, we look forward to a lot of serious inquiries and locking you in.  We have stock availability in MERCURY engines, fiberglass, and resin, so do the math of who and where orders are going to come from and when?  Other engine manufacturer like YAMAHA and SUZUKI are available with supply-chain availability, but MERCURY is our base boat engines of choice and are available to us.  At YachtEZ Group, we make things easy as is our reputation…. You get on the water with us, or not?

Call Exclusive Sales Agent YachtEZ Import And Export LLC, at +954.767.8855 and direct to Broker Mark Gianassi, sole sales agent and representative for DEEPWATER BOATS at +954.993.7931 Mobile Direct Line .




LOA: 30’3″

BEAM: 9’4″

DRAFT: 22″