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YachtEZ in our representation of the finest boat builders on a world scale, we want to begin our process in the convenience of your own home, office, boat, or in your own space and time for that matter; to let your imagination run and build your own boat easy and convenient online in a simple stepped process.


We are currently representing worldwide the manufacturing and delivery of our 2016 ADRENALIZER Center Console Model Range FLATS and DEEP V [but are not limited to, please contact main office].


Please choose model size and engine rigging, then go through the option list and hit first number of in the open blank to the left of the page, then it will total.  For instance, on the upper model with engine option, place the number 1 in the blank.  Likewise on the option list, if you choose the underwater light option for instance, put the number of lights you wish installed, and the total will reflect payment, usually done in pairs, but that is up to buyer,  minimum order is 2 as noted in the description line, but if you put 2, then the total will reflect the installation of 4 lights…. and so on.


Please hit the link below for boat model and size to begin the process, and have some fun, your inquiry will be sent to our office for an immediate response.  Your total will be Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price [MSRP], but please email request or call and speak to one of our brokers and get your approved YachtEZ price.  Needless to say, you will be delighted with your final price taken from your inquiry sheet done in your time and space, and at your convenience…. of course delivered to your home port or destination of choice:




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Example: AD340LS:

AD340 Open Deck TWIN MERCURY Verado 300 [STANDARD]

*[POR]- Price On Request

ADRENALIZER BOATS OF MIAMI  2016 AD 340 Sport Cruiser MERCURY engine packages include Smart Craft Vessel View & Dual Lever Shadow Controls

AD340 Open Deck TWIN MERCURY Verado 300 [STANDARD]$274,955

AD340 Open Deck TWIN MERCURY Verado 350 – $295,955

AD340 Open Deck TRIPLE MERCURY Verado 300 – $309,975

AD3400 Open Deck TRIPLE MERCURY Verado 350 – $326,905

Upgrade Engine Components:

Upgrade to HD lower Units on 300 Verado (Each Engine) $495.00

MERCURY Joy Stick Control (300 Verados only)- each engine $12,634.00

MERCURY Zero Effort Throttle/Shift $2,580.00

MERCURY Vessel View (included with Joy Stick Control option) $2,485.00  Paint Engine- Each,

Accents on cowlings $3,443.00

Factory Engine in WHITE – WARM OR ICE [per engine] $2,200.00

Alternate Engine Manufacturer – *P.O.R.

HullSide Color – (White Bottom)   Hullside Paint  $11,800.00

Additional Custom Paint – *P.O.R. $6,500.00

Upgrade Hull & Components:

Add. Fuel Capacity- two 45 gal. tanks, 380 Gal Std.+90=470 total gal $4,995.00

Carbon Fiber Hull Style Line- Black CF, Clear Coated $14,950.00

Stainless Steel Rub Rail Insert $3,646.00

Polished Stainless Steel Engine Mount Plate $5,180.00

Tow Ring- Stainless Steel for Slow Speed Towing behind yacht. $5,600.00

Bow Thruster- Vetus $9,432.00  Anchor Windlass- Includes Stainless Bow Plate and 21 lb anchor $8,902.00

Trim Tab Indicators- Mechanical $1,994.00

Bow Rail, Low Profile – *P.O.R.

Pop Up Fender Cleats (4) $1,086.00

Underwater Lights- (2) Ocean LED A 12 PRO $2,768.00

Side Door- Port Side, removable,with ladder $7,740.00

Side Door- Port Side, Stainless Steel hinged,with ladder $12,740.00

Bottom Paint  $4,250.00

Tops & Arches: 

Fiberglass Hard Top- Extended Length, With Rear Leg Supports $7,900.00

Radar Arch w/Fold out Top (Substitute for standard top) $1,200.00

Additional Top Options:

Search Light- ACR100, Aluminum Housing, Remote Control $2,300.00

Water Mister System T-Tops & Sides $3,988.00

Covers [*POR]:

Full Cover- 2 Piece, Zippers in center and at rear, Over Engines

Full Cover- Same as above, but stops at rub rail rather than to chine

Canvas Package-Console, Helm Seat, Transom Seat, Forward seating

Seating / Cockpit:

Faux Carbon Fiber Lined Deck Hatches- (6 Floor, 8 Storage)   $14,000.00

Steering Wheel- Upgrade to Stainless  $289.00

Transom L-Shape Seating- Includes Livewell Delete $6,890.00

Livewell Delete- Fixed Seat Bottom $2,899.00

Bow Seating Delete- Flat forward deck for increased floor space $2,899.00

Corian or Acrylic Cockpit Table (Color Matched) $1,219.00

Bolster Seat Seat Upgrade- 3 place helm with drop down bottoms,  $9,600.00

Three bucket seats at stern, including livewell delete $4,752.00

Two buckets seats in front of console $2,850.00

Helm Only Bolster $3,955.00

Forward SunBed Filler Cushion $2,945.00

Teak Floor in Head Compartment (Flexiteek) $899.00

Air Conditioning in Head Compartment, Vented to Dash Panels $6,900.00

Leaning Post,Rear-Facing Seat w/Coooler $3,545.00

Fishing Features:

Outriggers- 15′ Telescopic, Tigress $2,811.00

Outriggers Electric 15” Telescopic, Tigress $4,354.00

Extra Gunnel Rod holder (each) $275.00

T Top Rod Holders- 5 across back, 2 Kingfish $1,459.00

Transom Rod Holders- 4 $900.00

Down Rigger Electrical Connector Set (2) $648.00

Electronics (Recommended): 

Garmin 5212 GPS, 1 KW Sounder, Garmin VHF $8,518.00

Garmin 7212 GPS,1KW  Sounder, Garmin VHF $9,518.00

Garmin 5215 GPS, 1KW Sounder, Garmin VHF 0 Garmin 7215 GPS, 1KW Sounder, Garmin VHF $10,490.00

Garmin 5212 GPS, Unit only or second screen $5,848.00

Garmin 7212 GPS, Unit only or second screen $6,848.00

Garmin 5215 GPS, Unit only or second screen $6,099.00

Garmin 7215 GPS, Unit only or second screen $6,999.00

Garmin 8212 GPS, 1 KW Sounder,

Garmin VHF $14,500.00

Garmin 8215 GPS, 1 KW Sounder, Garmin VHF $16,500.00

Garmin 8212 GPS, Unit only or second screen $7,999.00

Garmin 8215 GPS, Unit only or second screen $9,999.00

Add Radar- 24″ HD Dome $3,456.000 Add Radar-

Garmin 404 HD Open Array $7,798.00

Add Garmin Auto Pilot- For Verado $6,450.00

Add Garmin Weather Module for XM Weather $1,999.00

Stereo- Clarion CMD7 head unit, 1 amp, 6 7” Speakers (JL Audio) $3,799.00

Stereo- Clarion CMD6 Head Unit, 2 amps, 6 7”, 2 10” Speakers (JL Audio) $5,579.00

Stereo- Clarion CMD6 Head Unit, 3 amps, 8 7”, 4 10” Speakers (JL Audio) $6,979.00

Stereo- Clarion CMD7 head unit, 1 amp, 6 8” Speakers (Wet Sounds) $4,200.00

Stereo- Clarion CMD6 Head Unit, 2 amps, 6 7”, 2 10” Speakers (Wet Sounds) $5,989.000

Stereo- Clarion CMD6 Head Unit, 3 amps, 8 7”, 4 10” Speakers (Wet Sounds) $7,789.00

Mercury Link Gauge- Connect Engines to GPS unit, shows tabs w 350s $1,999.00

Extra Battery/Switch/SS Tray (Group 31 House Battery) $970.00

Spot Hug GPS Tracking System- Satellite, Monthly Fee Req. $529.00

EURO Export:

CE / Export Options, Shipping 0 CE Certification- For Boats Imported into CE Countries. IMCI Cert. $4,000.00

220V Conversion- Country specific outlets included $2,500.00

Shipping Cradle- HD Wood, cut to fit, Carpeted bunks, Straps $3,450.00

Shrink Wrap Complete Boat- Bubble wrap under shrink for protection $1,389.00

Custom Options: